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If someone needs help- you help them in a big way! (Edited 05/24/10 12:49PM by )
Read the Article: Local Little girl needs life saving heart transplant

Hi,some of you know me - others don't.
    Would you be willing to help someone that you don't know ,get a life saving transplant? This is what I've been up too.A local little girl is in St. Louis Children's Hospital waiting a life saving heart transplant.She is only 10 yrs old & has lived with pain & many hospital visits.She has a condition that hardens her heart called Restrictive Cardiomyopathy.She is just a little girl that wants to not be sick.
     We heard about her & as some of you already know I had a step daughter who was born with a heart condition;she had half a heart,upside down & on the right side.she had a total of 9 operations- her last one was March 19th ,2002 ,we buried her a week later.This fundraiser that we,ve been working so hard on is also bringing back the pain of a loss.But hope for the future for a family.
     I've been critasized by my own brother for doing this.He gave me the goverment & health bill speech & how hospitals don't heal the pateints like they should.He's just mad that they couldn't cure our Dad of cancer.I gave him a speech that left him speechless.This is a speech from a parent that watched their child go thru hell & pain- that a kiss couldn't take away.
   I told him that if I could just save one child from the pain -that's one more parent not greiving the loss of a child.And being one that has lost 2 - I'm going to raise as much as I can.People who do not understand or care ask me ,"Why?"  I answer cause, "I am a Human Being." 
    You get donations from local businesses for the fundraiser.The out of pocket expenses aren't that much.Start a fundraiser in your community.If you don't know where to start- get as much info about the person,get a place to have it,make fliers & ask around your town for donations.   Show someone you care enough to do something big & you will get respect from yourself as well as the people around you. God Bless those who do care to do something & give straigth to those who need it.  Love Ya ,CindyIf someone needs help- you help them in a big way! <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 05/24/10 12:49PM by )</span> Photo
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#1 | 1625 days ago

Hey Cindy, been wondering what happened to you.  Welcome back.  It's a good thing you are doing. 
#2 | 1625 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

 Cindy, it is so good to see you. You are a good person, and thats something you can't fake. I am so you posted this.
#3 | 1623 days ago

cubsgirl2 wrote:
 Cindy, it is so good to see you. You are a good person, and thats something you can't fake. I am so you posted this.
We raised close to $2000 & not thru getting donation,got an update on Natalie-she's at home with a line that feeds her medicine that makes her heart not half to work as hard.She has a home care Nurse that comes in & checks on her.
#4 | 1602 days ago

That is awesome Cindy, your heart is made of gold. I have always admired groups that go out and get involved.
#5 | 1594 days ago

Update on Nat ! She had to go back to St. Louis .Her ear was giving her trouble & they said hopefully all she needs is a stronger hearing aide.They are seeing if her lungs can hold out til after her heart transplant then they can go in & do her lungs.Lot easier on Nat's body then to do both at once.I'm in constant contact with Mom & she is great at informing me about her condition.
#6 | 1579 days ago

Hey Cindy, you are doing good things, I am very proud of you as a person.
Good luck in your endeavour and God Bless you
#7 | 1518 days ago

Update  on Nat !Natalie was admitted last Thur so Dr's could observe her while they increased her iv med. She did well with the increase so we only had to stay 26 hours. She is now at the highest dose. Nothing else we can do except wait for her transplant. She will be getting heart & 1 lung.

This was from her Mom on 7-20-2010.
So our girl is doing just fine & hanging in there like a little trooper.

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