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Rays look to 1000 innings from starting pitchers
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 I knew about this 1000 innings goal for the Rays starting pitchers before the start of the season. I thought it very interesting and somewhat disagreed with it.
Two hundred innings per starter means two things: if you used only the starting five you rode into April with,  then they are probably gassed even though you probably won a LOT of ballgames.
What good is making the post-season if your starting arms are dead?
I have noticed that even Maddon seems to be pressing to reach this goal, taking starters out at the 100 pitch mark, even if they are cruising.
Would you WANT your team to accomplish this goal?
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  1. Will the Rays starting pitchers (any starters innings count) record 1000 innings or more in the 2010 season? (2 points)
Correct29%a. Yes
71%b. No
  2. How many innings will Rays starting pitchers record in the 2010 regular season? (8 points)
0%a. 918 or less
6%b. 918 1/3 - 940
18%c. 940 1/3 - 962
41%d. 962 1/3 - 984
18%e. 984 1/3 - 1006
Correct18%f. more than 1006
  3. How many different starting pitchers will the Rays use in 2010? (8 points)
0%a. 5
12%b. 6
Correct47%c. 7
29%d. 8
6%e. 9
6%f. 10 or more
  4. Would you WANT your favorite team to accomplish the goal of 1000 starting pitcher innings? Explain. (0 points)
Correct47%a. Yes
Correct53%b. No
  Tiebreaker: Where will the Rays starting pitchers rank (out of all 30 MLB teams) in innings pitched?
Correct 4