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If you will transform to an animal.. what would you like to be?

If you will transform to an animal.. what would you like to be? Photo
| Closed on 07/11/10 at 05:00PM
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8%a. a bird so I could see the world up above
0%b. a fish so I could find serenity alone
0%c. a penguin so I could be with a loving family
4%d. a frog???
88%e. a..

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#12 | 1560 days ago


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#1 | 1562 days ago

I would love to be a fish all alone and finding that serenity but not in the Gulf of Mexico.  I am feeling more like a tiger tonight who wants to do the whole cat fight thing. 
#2 | 1562 days ago

a frog . I would have a better shot at getting kissed then I do now .
a frog???  
#3 | 1561 days ago

I'd like to be a hawk and soar high, travel quickly and swoop down on my prey.

#4 | 1561 days ago

we are animals. I'm good with that.
#5 | 1561 days ago
Mr_Rogers (+)

A Liger.

#6 | 1561 days ago

A Koala .....they seem to have not a care in the world.
#7 | 1561 days ago
huskerfan_ia (+)

kteacher wrote:
A Koala .....they seem to have not a care in the world.
Aren't they about extinct?

It fits for you though... you know, the whole tree dwelling thing. :-)
#8 | 1561 days ago

I like bears. Deceptively fast and dangerous, yet cuddly. lol
#9 | 1561 days ago
vindog (+)

I'm thinking a Panther!
#10 | 1561 days ago
Superjunkie999 (+)

#11 | 1561 days ago

Sid and Irv are business partners. They make a deal that whichever one dies first will contact the living one from the afterlife. So Irv dies. Sid doesn't hear from him for about a year, figures there is no afterlife. Then one day he gets a call. It's Irv. "So there is an afterlife! What's it like?" Sid asks. 'Well, I sleep very late. I get up, have a big breakfast. Then I have sex, lots of sex. Then I go back sleep, but I get up for lunch, have a big lunch. Have some more sex. Take a nap. Huge dinner. More sex. Go to sleep, and wake up the next day." "Oh, my god," says Sid "So that's what heaven is like?" "Oh no," says Irv. "I'm not in heaven. I'm a bear in Yellowstone Park."
#12 | 1560 days ago


#13 | 1560 days ago

#14 | 1559 days ago

I would so be a bird.  I would love to soar in the sky going where I wanted and see as much of the world as possible.  Plus, it would be nice to get some target practice in when I have to drop a deuce!  Lol I think I would get pretty good at it.  You know, try to land it in a drink or right on a person’s head.  I know that I am not right, but it would be fun!
a bird so I could see the world up above  
#15 | 1559 days ago

a cheetah because then I would be the fastest land animal on earth.
#16 | 1559 days ago



The black light of the interstellar medium of deep space

Illumines all that is not, to be seen and not to ‘Be’.

To ‘Be’ and not seen – this is the path of the

Panther woman.


Here she reposes with her Panther Friends

Listening to their ‘interstellar Purr’...

While her Panther Friends repose in her lap

Sensing her cat – alert AWARENESS.
#17 | 1559 days ago

I changed my mind, I wanna be a velociraptor.
#18 | 1559 days ago

(Edited by siDDh3sh)

#19 | 1559 days ago

(Edited by The_Real_Stoney)
I've been told I AM an animal..
but I if I was able to transform, I would be a bear and steal picnic baskets
#20 | 1559 days ago
vindog (+)

Any Questions?
#21 | 1559 days ago

cool eyes, cool feet, change colors and thrive on sunshine...ohyeah...
#22 | 1559 days ago

I'd like to be a flea or a sloth... depending upon my mood.
#23 | 1559 days ago
Superjunkie999 (+)

Do we have to limit this to animals? Can we choose inanimate objects?
#24 | 1558 days ago

I'm a horse of a different color already
#25 | 1558 days ago

 nocturnal, sneaky, cute and really careful with their food - EVERYTHING gets washed first!
#26 | 1558 days ago
NorseHeathen (+)

Surnia Ulula - The Northern Hawk Owl:

#27 | 1557 days ago

Bears are fast and strong and papa bear dont like anyone f%$king with his cubs.
#28 | 1557 days ago

Dang it Jamie now I got that song stuck in my head.....
#29 | 1557 days ago

#30 | 1557 days ago
Anthonyg7575 (+)

A I can steal picnic baskets.
#31 | 1557 days ago

nothing a little Nickleback won't cure....=)

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