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Haunted USA (or wherever you might live)
 Haunted USA (or wherever you might live) Photo
This is Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville, KY.  It is widely considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in the United States.  I'm considering a haunted tour, if I can find some brave soul who would be willing to have their socks scared off with me.  

Over 64,000 people died of tuberculosis here.  Among the disembodied inhabitants of this building are a little girl who plays hide & seek with visitors, a little boy named Timmy who loves to play with a leather ball, and a nurse who hanged herself in room 502 after it was discovered she was pregnant from an affair she had with one of the doctors.  Another nurse jumped to her death out the window of room 502.  No one knows why she felt she had to take her own life.
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 1. Does your town have a building/area that is widely considered to be haunted? (0 points)
47%a. Yes
44%b. No
9%c. Shut yo' mouth about such things, Ms. Sunshine.
 2. Have you ever encountered something otherwise unexplainable, either in this haunted place or elsewhere? (0 points)
56%a. Yes
29%b. No
15%c. My lips are sealed.
 3. Would you ever consider touring a place that is considered to be haunted? (0 points)
79%a. Yes
6%b. No
15%c. Maybe

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