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FINAL 10 CHOICES-2010 MLB ALL-STAR TEAM (Edited 07/07/10 09:18PM by Scott)
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The deadline to to get your choices in for the 2010 MLB All-Star Team is 4 pm, Thursday July 08.
You may vote up to 20 times.            (I don't make the rules, it is what it is)

There are 2 positions left,  10 players waiting for your vote.

Personally, I love the All-Star Game, because that means that afterwards,  the bats  will heatup or grow stone cold, the bull pens will wake up or fall asleep, and the fun really begins on the countdown to October.
Scored by Scott on 07/10/10 at 12:11PM | Closed on 07/09/10 at 12:00PM
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Team Breakout:
Correct Answer19 Fans 
  1. Have you voted yet? (0 points)
Correct68%a. Been there, done that
32%b. Not yet
0%c. I don't follow baseball
0%d. Beaneaters (Even he likes baseball)
0%e. Other __________________
  2. Final 5 American League Choose 1 (5 points)
37%a. Paul Konerko Chicago White Sox
Correct26%b. Nick Swisher New York Yankees
32%c. Kevin Youkilis Boston Red Sox
5%d. Delmon Young Minnesota Twins
0%e. Michael Young Texas Rangers
  3. Final 5 National League Choose 1 (5 points)
5%a. Heath Bell San Diego Padres
5%b. Carlos Gonzales Colorado Rockies
Correct84%c. Joey Votto Cinncinati Reds
5%d. BillyWagner Atlanta Braves
0%e. Ryan Zimmerman Washington Nationals
  4. Wasn't that easy? (0 points)
Correct16%a. Yes, I am going to vote now
42%b. Yes, I haven't used up all 20 votes so I am voting again
26%c. Bring on Football!
16%d. Other. ______________

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