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Have you ever been caught in this pickle? (Best of Version) (Edited 10/12/10 12:57AM by Jess)
 Back after a 3 year hiatus... I am taking some of the questions from the original polls since most of them people are gone now and its like this is new. haha

ps. feel free to share the stories behind the answers

| Closed on 10/12/10 at 01:00AM
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 1. Have you ever lost your child or a child under your care for more than 15 minutes in a public place? (0 points)
72%a. No
11%b. Yes, 15 minutes to an hour
0%c. Yes, an hour or more
8%d. Yes, they are still missing :(
8%e. N/A
 2. Have you ever been called out for having a plumber's crack? (0 points)
44%a. Yes
50%b. No
6%c. What's a plumber's crack?
 3. Have you ever been rejected in a marriage proposal? (0 points)
6%a. Yes
64%b. No
31%c. I have never proposed
 4. Have you ever been caught pleasuring yourself? (0 points)
19%a. Yes
56%b. No
25%c. Not Sure
 5. Have you ever made fun of someone behind their back but it turns out they were within ear shot? (0 points)
61%a. Yes
25%b. No
14%c. I don't do that sort of thing
 6. Have you ever been caught cheating by your spouse or bf/gf? (does not have to be caught in bed) (0 points)
28%a. Yes
53%b. No
19%c. N/A
 7. Have you ever accidentally emailed/messaged/text a "raunchy" note to the wrong person? (0 points)
31%a. Yes
14%b. Yes, more than once
56%c. No
 8. Have you ever laughed out snot in front of someone? (0 points)
53%a. Yes
47%b. No

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