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Take me on a wild adventure!
I have a friend who has a 10 year-old, and this 10 year-old made an Adventure List. As you can see, the idea of dreaming up these adventures was to be imaginative, ambitious, maybe even a little silly. I read this list and said "I want to do all of those things!"'s the list:

1. Be in your favorite book
2. Go to India & Belly dance
3. Ride on Whales
4. Go deep sea diving & look for the Titanic or treasure
5. Go swinging from vines with monkeys
6. Fly on a cloud
7. Go swimming in a milkshake

What I want to know from  you is...where do you want to go on your adventure? What do you want to do? (Dream big, if not impossible!)
Featured by: Kenne at 7/27/10 10:04AM
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