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What Was Your First Job Outta Of High School? (Edited 10/12/10 01:44AM by Jess)
I just finished high school in June and having a What Was Your First Job Outta Of High School? <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 10/12/10 01:44AM by Jess)</span> Photo  hard time finding a job. What Was First Job Outta Of High School?
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13%a. Working The Corner
9%b. Still In High School
78%c. This

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#3 | 1518 days ago
18packabs (+)

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#1 | 1518 days ago

boneless chicken farmer
#2 | 1518 days ago

I worked at a travel agency as a bookkeeper.
#3 | 1518 days ago
18packabs (+)

#4 | 1518 days ago

File Clerk for a nursing agency
#5 | 1518 days ago

(Edited by Cali_Kat)
I worked in a Pizza place that was kind of like Chuck E. Cheese's.
#6 | 1518 days ago

#7 | 1518 days ago

I also worked in a pizza joint while still in high school...Round was fun
#8 | 1518 days ago
18packabs (+)

Cali_Kat wrote:
I worked in a Pizza place that was kind of like Chuck E. Cheese's.
what is kind of like Chuck E. Cheese?  Rat-a-Roni?????
#9 | 1518 days ago

18packabs wrote:
what is kind of like Chuck E. Cheese?  Rat-a-Roni?????
No! It was called Capt. Andy's RiverTown. Smart ass!
#10 | 1518 days ago
18packabs (+)

(Edited by 18packabs)
Cali_Kat wrote:
No! It was called Capt. Andy's RiverTown. Smart ass!
sorry Cali_Kat, but it is much better than being a Dumb Ass.
#11 | 1518 days ago
Anthonyg7575 (+)

Worked in a bowling alley oiling the lanes before the league started, and kept the tables clean during and between leagues. At least I bowled for free.....
#12 | 1518 days ago

Went to work in a textile mill sewing drawstrings in baby gowns.
#13 | 1518 days ago

I worked at a video store all through high school (and part of Jr. High), and continued to work there until late summer after I graduated. Then I went to work at Target - I did everything there from cashier to service desk to electronics to chargebacks to clerical. My favorite was probably chargebacks...I could wear whatever I wanted to work and I got first dibs on everything that needed to be marked down for any reason.
#14 | 1518 days ago

i had 3 months to waste till i went to the air force so i hooked up with  moving company  relocating people and their fine home furnishings, and on occasion trashing these furnishings. unintentional of course.
#15 | 1518 days ago

 Janitor at the Chicago Public Schools. Worked for 3 hours, got paid for 8 and partied the whole time I was there.
#16 | 1518 days ago

As a go-fer at a law office
#17 | 1518 days ago

I found the industry that I currently work in. I started working as a dishwasher/pizza cook/delivery guy. I fell in love with the restaurant business, I love the busy times. You may not have a moment to think, breath or even get a drink of water. But when the day is done it gives a unexplainable satisfaction to me. Every scar I have from the years of working in the restaurant industry is a badge of honor to me. Whether I got it by burning myself or slipped up with a knife, the pain gave me a rush of adrenaline and demented satisfaction. I can't imagine working a 9 to 5 job, sitting behind a desk, pushing a pencil. I have worked every job in the restaurant industry, from busser to Manager. I have worked in every kind of possible restaurant, from mom and pop to corporate America. I have done every kind of food from slop diner to fine dining. I love what I do and will probably do it till I die.
Working The Corner  
#18 | 1518 days ago

Apprentice cabinet & furniture fabricator and finisher among other things. I would go back to that if the pay was right.
Still In High School  
#19 | 1518 days ago

Through high school I worked in a library.  I was a gopher for the researchers.  Pretty cool job.  After High School I worked as a desk clerk in a motel.  Talk about  an education.  We did a great Friday, Saturday and Sunday night business.  I could rent the same room two or three times a night.  Made friends with a Pro.  She told me a lot of stuff.  (key word there is told).  Only time I had a gun pointed at me.
#20 | 1518 days ago

after I graduated High School, I took a year off then went into the Parks & Recreation Dept. maintenance division.
#21 | 1518 days ago

Joe_L wrote:
boneless chicken farmer
 LOL I keep picturing a bunch of boneless chickens flopping around.
#22 | 1518 days ago

Right out of high school I was a pharmacist technician at a hospital, what I can remember.
#23 | 1518 days ago

McDonalds... Yeah, that sucked. 
Working The Corner  
#24 | 1517 days ago

I worked at a company called ISI...Institute for Scientific Information, located in Philadelphia. They distributed scientific journals. They were switching all of their subscriber info over to computers, and I did the manual look-ups from old ledgers to verify that the info was input correctly.
#25 | 1517 days ago

I was a counsilor and activities director at a children's camp. We had a great time during the week, and partied on the weekends when the kids were gone.
#26 | 1517 days ago

working as a dishwasher at a steak restaurant.
#27 | 1517 days ago

Sears Men's Wear.  Sold shirts, ties, socks, underwear, pants, suits - then I went to work in the advertising department, puting together the newspaper ads for the coming week's sales.  When I went to university, I moved over to Eaton's, but I worked in retail days and bartended nights until I was in my mid 20's.
#28 | 1517 days ago

i worked at some freakin pizza place. it blew monkey nuts but lunch was free and good. a crappy way to put on weight tho.
Working The Corner  
#29 | 1517 days ago

Right out of Highschool, I worked 2 jobs, During the day, I was a loan service counsler at Home Federal Savings and Loans, in San Diego.  By night, I worked at a Baskin Robbins with kids my age.  The bank paid the rent, but the ice cream parlor paid for the partying, eventually, Baskin Robbins became my ONLY employment, but it carried me through the decision making.  Once I made my decision, or really, followed the path chosen by God, I began to work with domestic animals, and spent 30 years in the Veterinary/Pet Gooming field.  Once there, I never felt that I was at work.
#30 | 1517 days ago

Well, my first job out of high school was....I worked in a warehouse with everything from TVs to body soap.  We had to load up a truck so the stockers could stock the shelves.  I had fun using the plastic wrap!  lol
#31 | 1517 days ago

Did errands and paperwork for bookie ,  bit odd i know
#32 | 1517 days ago

My first job that I ever had was @ the age of 16, with a local ladies clothing store. I had the job until I moved to Florida when I was 20.

it was one of the best jobs I ever had. I worked in the warehouse were we unloaded the clothes, priced them, and then delivered them to the stores.

I worked after school, until 6pm, and no weekends...
#33 | 1517 days ago

Lobotomy Jones wrote:
 LOL I keep picturing a bunch of boneless chickens flopping around.
they did

#34 | 1516 days ago

US Army
#35 | 1516 days ago

Worked at a pizza joint as a delivery driver.  Loved it...the money was great(for a college kid) and there was a ton of freedom being on the road with nobody looking over your shoulder. 

Funny story....a coworker and I were caught 'blazing' by the owner on a Friday night at about 5-6 o'clock.  He wasn't mad at us for for the act, just that we were doing it during the Friday night rush.  Needless to say, he's a pretty cool guy. 
#36 | 1499 days ago

I delivered Pharmacueticals to retirement homes and individuals homes who were unable to make it the pharmacy I worked at to get their meds. I made min. wage but decent tips that summer, helping me to pay for a lot of my first year of college.
#37 | 1498 days ago

FTDSTP  But good luck it's tough out there
Working The Corner  
#38 | 1498 days ago

U S Air Force

#39 | 1482 days ago

(Edited by Canadianhick)
Anyone know anything about these Changing engine oil and lubricate running gears or moving parts of automobiles, trucks or heavy equipment, Grease booms, pulleys, buckets and other components of heavy equipment, Replacing oil, air and fuel filters on motor vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment, Add or replace hydraulic and transmission fluids.

Looking at applying for this job is this hard work or fairly easy work?

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