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how long is too long
Last night at coffee ( we had a couple of new commers) one of the gals asked how long has people been married ,she just got a divorce after 5 years, one of the guys told her I had been married 40+ years ,she asked didnt I think I have missed out on seeing other women ,or was it boring being married that long, i looked at her and said when you find your true love you won't have to ask that question ,so fellow iquers do you think 40+ years of marriage is too long ,if you are married how long have you been bored(ha ha) if you been through a divorce how hard was that
| Closed on 09/19/10 at 05:00PM
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3%a. way too long
13%b. what is this marriage you talk about
6%c. i was married at the cubs game
0%d. i have been married longer than that
77%e. other