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If Boise State goes undefeated do they deserve to be in the National Championship? (Edited 09/10/10 12:11AM by hskrdave)
There is so much talk about Boise State being ranked so high so thats why I'm asking this question.  Let the debating begin.
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318.21. If Boise State goes undefeated do they deserve to be in the National Championship?

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#1 | 1505 days ago

Yes of Course they Do
#2 | 1505 days ago

Absolutely, but the BCS, as usual, will find a way to keep them out.
#3 | 1505 days ago

I saw something on college gameday this morning and they were talking bout how they wouldnt make it higher than they are right now in the coaches poll.  As Kirk Herbstriet put it they've hit there peak in the poll.  But I guess will have to see what the computers do and the harris poll.  Just hope for once they make it to the big game they have proven so much and they deserve a chance.
#4 | 1505 days ago

Ofcourse they don't. They play one ranked team a year and then they play a list of cupcake teams that thier going to crush. And the ranked team they did play, VTech, lost to James Madison!!! I think if they want a shot at the title they got to move to a better confrence.
If one of the powerhouse schools like Alabama, Texas, Ohio St played a weak schedule would you say they deserve it? The title game is supposed to be the two best teams and Boise St. hasn't and won't prove they desevre to be there.
#5 | 1504 days ago

 No they don'r. Heres why. VT will be their biggest win, and they just lost to a fcs school.. with that happening, it takes creditabilty away from that win. They still play oregon state but really theyre nothing big.. until they start scheduling better non conference opponets or somehow get into a bcs conference, they don't deserve it. 
#6 | 1500 days ago

only if the other teams have two losses. their biggest win came against an over rated virginia tech team. They most like still get in a bcs game playing perhaps in the rose bowl.
#7 | 1492 days ago
huskerfan_ia (+)

Yes, if they are undefeated and there is no more than one other undefeated team from a BCS conference, then BSU should match up with that team.

If there are two or more BCS teams with an undefeated record as well as BSU, then BSU should not go to the MNC game.
#8 | 1485 days ago

 This is why there is a need for a play off in college football.Boise State will not likely be one of a few teams who will have the same debate with a good reason.It will be a shame who ever gets dumped on this year again every team that goes undefeated will feel that they deserve the same respect that the well known schools get.Which is true give Boise State there shot if they go undefeated press for a play off for next year!!!!!!! To end all of this B.S. of who is number one...

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