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 1. How will the Redskins score in 2010? (5 points)
0%a. Win the Super Bowl
0%b. Win division; make deep playoff run
11%c. Lose in divisional round
0%d. Lose in Wild Card
33%e. Remain In the Hunt
44%f. Average(6-10 ----- 8-8)
11%g. Bad(1-16 ------ 5-11)
0%h. Winless
 2. Which team is the most surprising 2-0 team? (5 points)
0%a. Bears
0%b. Packers
11%c. Texans
44%d. Chiefs
0%e. Saints
11%f. Steelers
33%g. Buccaneers
0%h. Dolphins
 3. Which non-playoff team(2009) will make it in 2010? (5 points)
56%a. Texans
11%b. 49ers
11%c. Titans
22%d. Steelers
0%e. Chiefs
0%f. Dolphins
0%g. Redskins
0%h. Bears
 4. Who is the best QB? (5 points)
89%a. P. Manning(Colts)
0%b. T.Brady(Patriots)
0%c. J. Delhomme(Browns)
0%d. D. McNabb(Redskins)
0%e. K. Orton(Broncos)
0%f. M.Stafford(Lions)
0%g. A. Smith(49ers)
11%h. D.Brees(Saints)
 5. Who is the best RB? (5 points)
56%a. A. Foster(Texans)
0%b. M.Forte(Bears)
0%c. J.Harrison(Browns)
0%d. J.Snelling(Falcons)
0%e. L. McCoy(Eagles)
0%f. C.J. Spiller(Bills)
11%g. K.Moreno(Broncos)
33%h. S.Jackson(Rams)
 6. Who is the best WR? (5 points)
22%a. Calvin Johnson(Lions)
0%b. Anquan Boldin(Ravens)
0%c. Joey Galloway(Redskins)
11%d. Brandon Marshall(Dolphins)
0%e. Nate Washington(Titans)
11%f. Steve Smith(Panthers)
56%g. Larry Fitzgerald(Cardinals)
0%h. Vincent Jackson(Chargers)

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