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What do you consider to be the biggest upset in sports history? (Edited 11/02/10 01:21PM by Jess)
I still think James Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson for the heavyweight title was the biggest upset.
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69%a. James Buster Douglas
31%b. Red Sox comeback

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#3 | 1456 days ago

Miracle on Ice...February 22, 1980: USA defeats the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics

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#1 | 1456 days ago

the BIGGEST UPSET for the CUBS not winning a WORLD SERIES in my 40+ years of cheering for them.....UGHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#2 | 1456 days ago

(Edited by marcus_nyce)
 Man this is a good and tough question. Can't do just one so I'll give you my top 5: (Titles at stake)

Ali vs. Liston - at the time Liston was a Clubber Lang-esque "wrecking machine" and Ali was just some skinny, loud mouth, 22 year old kid.

NC State vs. Phi Slamma Jamma - one of the All-Timers in my lifetime.

Pats vs. Rams - They're  considered a dynasty now, but at the time they were double digit underdogs to the Greatest Show on turf.

Jets Win SB - Broadway Joe don't lie.

Douglas has to rank too!

James Buster Douglas  
#3 | 1456 days ago

Miracle on Ice...February 22, 1980: USA defeats the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics

#4 | 1456 days ago

#5 | 1456 days ago

Biggest upset was the Indian team beating The All mighty West-Indies in the 1983 Cricket World Cup final after being bowled out for just 183.
#6 | 1456 days ago

(Edited by woody050681)
Average Joe's Gym defeating the highly favored Purple Cobras from Globo Gym in the Dodgeball tournament. If I'm not mistaken that was such a huge upset they made a movie about it.
Red Sox comeback  
#7 | 1456 days ago

2004 Boston defeating NY in ALCS, then sweeping STL(105wins)in WS.
2008 Tampa defeating Boston in ALCS.
SB XV Oakland Raiders over Phil.Eagles(Jim Plunkett named SB MVP)
SB XLII NY Giants dethroning (18-0) Patriots
#8 | 1456 days ago

When Buster beat Tyson he was thought to be unstoppable. Even if Mike had quit training and replaced it with fornicating he was still thought to kill James 'Buster' Douglas.
James Buster Douglas  
#9 | 1456 days ago

the biggest upset is when the reskins play in this years super bowl at dallas HOME FIELD..... yummy, the irony in that. upset, NO!!
only dallas will be upset by that :-)
#10 | 1456 days ago
ferrinhite (+)

In my mind it's the Lakers, in Magic Johnson's rookie year of '79-'80, beating the Sixers in Philly in Game 6 of the finals to take the series 4-2. Kareem had been hurting, with a bum ankle, so the Lakers coach (Westhead?) decided to sit him out in Game 6, essentially conceding the game to the Sixers, in order to bring him back rested for Game 7. Nobody gave the Lakers a chance. But Magic stepped it up with like 42 points and 20 rebounds, and the Lakers won.
#11 | 1456 days ago

half_baked wrote:
Miracle on Ice...February 22, 1980: USA defeats the USSR in the 1980 Winter Olympics

geezus how'd i forget that? good call!
James Buster Douglas  
#12 | 1456 days ago

2009 Kentucky Derby.

Mine That Bird, who went to the post a 50-1 Longshot, rallied from dead last midway thru the race in a 19-horse field to come home with the win. Mine That Bird payed $103.20 for a $2 Win bet. Second highest payout in Kentucky Derby history.
#13 | 1456 days ago

When NC State won the championship, basketball, in the mid 80s.  Don't remember who they played.
James Buster Douglas  

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