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Cricket's greatest achievements...........
Read the Article: Cricket's greatest achievements...........

here is a list of topmost achievements by individuals players...........

so choose the one whom u see is the most remarkable achievement

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7%a. Lara's 400* (Test)
20%b. Sachin's 200* (ODI)
7%c. Jim Laker's 19/102 (Match)
0%d. Anil Kumble's 10/74 (Inns)
0%e. Mulitharan's 800 wickets
0%f. 624 record partenship (Test)
0%g. 330 record partnership (ODI)
0%h. 952/6 highest team score (Test)
0%i. Gibbs 6 sixes in a over (ODI)
0%j. Yuvraj 6 sixes in a over (T20)
7%k. Sachin total runs (Test+ODI+T20)
20%l. Sachin total centuries (Test+ODI)
0%m. Jim Laker's 10/52
0%n. Dravid's Catches(Test+ODI)
7%o. Yuvraj record 50 runs in 12 balls (T20)
7%p. Lara record 50 runs in 17 balls (ODI)
0%q. Afridi record 100 runs in 37 balls (ODI)
0%r. Malinga record 4 wkts in 4 consecutive balls
13%s. a match b/w Aus & SA in which both teams scored 400+
13%t. Others(plz mention too)

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#1 | 1443 days ago

Aus... 17 test wins in a row... Probably will never be beaten
#2 | 1443 days ago

and not that I am a bias Australian, but how can you not have 99.96? That is a no brainer... Do I need to tell you who it is?
#3 | 1439 days ago

maxs23 wrote:
and not that I am a bias Australian, but how can you not have 99.96? That is a no brainer... Do I need to tell you who it is?
 Sir Donald Bradman has avg. of 99.94
Jim Laker's 19/102 (Match)  
#4 | 1171 days ago

despite being indian, Don Bradman's 99.94 strike rate has been the best achievement in cricketing history (in my opinion)
Others(plz mention too)  
#5 | 900 days ago

i ll go withthat sir don bradmans 99.96, hw its being msd frm the list?
#6 | 900 days ago

This are very respectable records which is made by deserving person, in future it will be tough to break but still some young player have potential they can break this records.

box beaute

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