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Q Roast Special Edition
I know it has been a while since I did one of these, but I figured with Thanksgiving coming we might as well roast a Q'er. I have been thinking about who deserves to be the victim of this roast and well it came down to 2 people. After much deliberation, I realized that both were equally deserving. So this roast features 2 people, now you are welcome to roast them in one post or in individual post. Have fun and remember to not get yourself banned. Oh yeah the roastees are.....

Q Roast Special Edition Photo  Jason_


Q Roast Special Edition Photo Rogs

In addition to being the subject of this roast, both of these fine members have something else in common. Both were banned at one time, I heard that they were banned for sending naked pics of themselves to Jess and Nellie. Now they weren't banned because of the naked pics, but because much like Favre they didn't measure up.
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