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Make This Holiday Special For Someone Who Is Serving For You! (Edited 10/18/11 06:57PM by Jess)
Read the Article: Make This Holiday Special For Someone Who Is Serving For You!

Holiday Mail For Heroes is back for a fourth year! The American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes will collect holiday cards from regular citizens all across the country and distribute them to service members, veterans, and their families. Many active service members must spend the holidays apart from their family. Give back this holiday season by sending a card to thank those who have given a great deal to their country.

Send cards to the address below, and please read the guidelines carefully!

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD

All cards must be postmarked no later than Friday, December 10th. Cards postmarked after this date will unfortunately be returned to the sender. This deadline ensures enough time to sort and distribute cards before the holidays.

After the mailbox closes, the cards we received will be screened for hazardous materials by Pitney Bowes and then reviewed by Red Cross volunteers working around the country.

Learn more about the screening process here .[VIDEO]

I just think it would be awesome to let someone know we are thinking about them!

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#8 | 1413 days ago

great post! we have a "take a soldierto a movie nite set up here."  we send a dvd popcorn(microwave) candy and packs od drink mixes for them,,,, its a great program and has been successful and also have a soldier tree for gifts:)
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#1 | 1414 days ago

God bless our soldiers Merry Christmas and Thanks! 
#2 | 1414 days ago

Great share. I would have my class do this, but we already have some we write to directly as well as a veterans group that does the same thing.
Sounds Good  
#3 | 1414 days ago

A great idea Lisa.  Thanks.
Sounds Good  
#4 | 1414 days ago

(Edited by JenX63)
This is a wonderful idea. If you can go a step further and adopt a troop. Care packages are always appreciated....what better time to thank those that give their all.
#5 | 1414 days ago
NorseHeathen (+)

Outstanding post!!!  I was the recipient of this effort whilst stationed in Iceland (Though during my time, the effort was spear-headed by Abagail Van Buren [Dear Abby]).  Boxes of letters were set out in the lounge section of the USO on base and people could go through and just read some "letters from home".  I discovered some interesting individuals and exchanged letters with them for a few years even after I was out of the Navy.
#6 | 1414 days ago

We boxed up 12 copy paper boxes filled with supplies and shipped to our troops. We had to have a recipient name to ship them, so don't forget that if you're shipping to our troops. Already the letters have poured in to thank us. It's such a rewarding feeling. The local high school kids are responding. Learning about "giving" this Christmas and not so much about "receiving".

Thanks Lisa, you have a heart of gold! This was a blessed idea to get the message out to the masses. If everyone would do this, we can make an impact.  You rock, Sis!
Thanks For Sharing  
#7 | 1414 days ago

Some veterans bear visible signs of their service: a missing limb, a Jagged scar, a certain look in the eye.

Others may carry the evidence inside them: a pin holding a bone together, A piece of shrapnel in the leg or perhaps another sort of inner steel: The soul's ally forged in the refinery of adversity.

Except in parades, however, the men and women who have kept America safe Wear no badge or emblem. You can't tell a vet just by looking.

What is a vet?

He is the cop on the beat who spent six months in Saudi Arabia sweating two gallons a day making sure the armored personnel carriers didn't run out of fuel.

He is the barroom loudmouth, dumber than five wooden planks, whose overgrown frat-boy behavior is outweighed a hundred times in the cosmic scales by four hours of exquisite bravery near the 38th parallel.

She or he is the nurse who fought against futility and went to sleep sobbing every night for two solid years in Danang.

He is the POW who went away one person and came back another or didn't come back AT ALL.

He is the Quantico drill instructor who has never seen combat but has saved countless lives by turning slouchy, no-account rednecks and gang members into Marines, and teaching them to watch each other's backs.

He is the parade riding Legionnaire who pins on his ribbons and medals with a prosthetic hand.

He is the career quartermaster who watches the ribbons and medals pass him by.

He is the three anonymous heroes in The Tomb Of The Unknowns, whose presence at the Arlington National Cemetery must forever preserve the memory of all the anonymous heroes whose valor remains unrecognized with them on the battlefield or in the ocean's sunless deep.

He is the old guy bagging groceries at the supermarket, aggravatingly slow, who helped liberate a Nazi death camp and who wishes all day long that his wife were still alive to hold him when the nightmares come.

He is an ordinary and yet an extraordinary human being a person who offered some of his life's most vital years in the service of his country, and who sacrificed his ambitions so others would not have to sacrifice theirs.

He is a Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman, and also a savior and a sword against the darkness, and he is nothing more than the finest, greatest testimony on behalf of the finest, greatest nation ever known.

So remember each time you see someone who has served our country. When you see one just lean over and say Thank You.

That's all most people need, and in most cases it will mean more than any medals they could have been awarded or were awarded.

Two little words that mean a lot, "THANK YOU".
#8 | 1413 days ago

great post! we have a "take a soldierto a movie nite set up here."  we send a dvd popcorn(microwave) candy and packs od drink mixes for them,,,, its a great program and has been successful and also have a soldier tree for gifts:)
#9 | 1413 days ago
Nick__ (+)

Thanks For Sharing  
#10 | 1411 days ago

Just wanted to say that is my stepfather who I am very proud of in that picture posted! He is now in ICU on a ventilator prayers requested! 
#11 | 1101 days ago

 My son is serving..That is so wierd to say.  
#12 | 1101 days ago

 and hey after the holidays ,keep the goodies a flowing 

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