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Hurricanes at Rangers 1/5/11
After a disappointing 09-10 season,  The Hurricanes are back with a revamped lineup and a positive attitude.  My preseason Prediction:  2nd in the Southeast, 7th in the East, 2nd round of the playoffs loss.
First road game of the New Year takes the Hurricanes to the Big Apple to take on the Big Blue of the Rangers.  Rangers are currently ahead of the Hurricanes in the Eastern Conference, so a big 2 points are needed for the Canes.  Puck drops at 7ET.

Scored by hskrdave on 01/08/11 at 09:17AM | Closed on 01/05/11 at 07:00PM
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Team Breakout:
Correct Answer15 Fans 
  1. Who Will Win the Game? (10 points)
27%a. Canes by 1 (includes shootout)
13%b. Canes by 2
0%c. Canes by 3+
Correct33%d. Rangers by 1 (includes shootout)
27%e. Rangers by 2
0%f. Rangers by 3+
  2. Which Hurricane Scores a Goal? (10 points)
Correct53%a. Eric Staal
13%b. Jeff Skinner
0%c. Erik Cole
7%d. Tuomo Ruutu
7%e. Chad LaRose
0%f. Patrick Dwyer
20%g. No Goals or None of these
  3. Assist by a Hurricane in the Game? (10 points)
47%a. Jussi Jokinen
27%b. Eric Staal
13%c. Jeff Skinner
13%d. Tuomo Ruutu
0%e. Joni Pitkanen
0%f. Sergei Samsonov
Correct0%g. No Assists or None of these
  4. Which Ranger Scores a Goal? (10 points)
27%a. Brandon Dubinsky
20%b. Brian Boyle
7%c. Derek Stepan
20%d. Ryan Callahan
20%e. Marion Gaborik
0%f. Artem Anisimov
Correct7%g. No Goals or None of these
  5. Which Ranger Records an Assist? (10 points)
Correct47%a. Brandon Dubinsky
20%b. Dan Girardi
0%c. Sean Avery
20%d. Ryan Callahan
0%e. Dereek Stepan
13%f. Artem Anisimov
0%g. No Assists or None of these
  6. Most Shots on Goal By Difference? (10 points)
Correct53%a. Rangers 1-6
27%b. 7-12
0%c. 13+
7%d. Even
13%e. Canes 1-6
0%f. 7-12
0%g. 13+
  7. Most Penalty Minutes by Difference (10 points)
20%a. Rangers 1-4
13%b. 5-8
0%c. 9+
Correct0%d. Even
53%e. Canes 1-4
13%f. 5-8
0%g. 9+
  8. Total Saves by Difference in Game (10 points)
27%a. Lundqvist/Biron 1-6
0%b. 7-12
0%c. 13+
0%d. Even
Correct60%e. Ward/Peters 1-6
13%f. 7-12
0%g. 13+
  Tiebreaker: Total Goals of Game (does not include shootout)
Correct 3

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#1 | 1393 days ago

1. Canes by 1 (includes shootout)  2. Eric Staal  3. Eric Staal  4. Derek Stepan  5. Dan Girardi  6. 7-12  7. 5-8  8. Lundqvist/Biron 1-6  
#2 | 1390 days ago

oops...said 5 for the tiebreaker
how can that happen and win by 2?..LOL
1. Canes by 2  2. Eric Staal  3. Jussi Jokinen  4. Brandon Dubinsky  5. Brandon Dubinsky  6. Canes 1-6  7. Canes 1-4  8. Ward/Peters 1-6  
#3 | 1390 days ago

Chuck_E wrote:
oops...said 5 for the tiebreaker
how can that happen and win by 2?..LOL
I not infrequently hedge in precisely that way on hockey polls (of course, I am not unfamiliar with the dunce cap, so perhaps I am not the best person from whom to take advice).
1. Rangers by 2  2. Eric Staal  3. Jussi Jokinen  4. Brandon Dubinsky  5. Brandon Dubinsky  6. Rangers 1-6  7. 5-8  8. Ward/Peters 1-6  
#4 | 1386 days ago

 Congrats to Mark (knightssid), Becky (kteacher), and Kory (ksbengals99).
1. Canes by 2  2. Tuomo Ruutu  3. Eric Staal  4. Ryan Callahan  5. Brandon Dubinsky  6. Rangers 1-6  7. Rangers 1-4  8. 7-12  

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