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McCoy-Shipley continues...? (Edited 04/19/11 11:16AM by SusanVette)
With Colt's younger brother Chase McCoy and Jordan's younger brother Jaxon both donning the Longhorns uniform next season will this be the start of part 2? Will Chase and Jaxon get the chance to be the dynamic duo Colt and Jordan where?
| Closed on 04/30/11 at 05:00PM
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9 Fans 
56%a. Yes
44%b. No
0%c. Gilbert stand in the way

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#1 | 1372 days ago

Ok, my bad DB!!!
#2 | 1307 days ago

You are seriously calling someone retarded (and yes, I know... this is an old post, but when I come back to a site after 3-4 years AWOL and see this kind of crap, I remember why I left the site - there are too many posers out there), and you had more issues in your post then he had in his poll?

I'll go ahead and compare the errors...

Since spelling is obviously what you are going to be hypocritical about... he had 1 spelling error, you had 5, technically 6, but I'll add that 6th one in a different section. You even managed to spell "retarded" incorrectly.

You managed to not capitalize a letter, skipped an important apostrophe, and even missed a basic sentence ending comma. All this and you have the nerve to call someone "retarTed" for misspelling someone's name?

Grow up.

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