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2011 NL Central
The NL Central has improved very much compared to last season...It appears that it will be a tough division this year,  and maybe one of the best in baseball...Just looking to see everyones opinions on this years outcomes
Featured by: SusanVette at 1/27/11 7:09AM
| Closed on 03/18/11 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
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 1. Which player will have the most homeruns (0 points)
0%a. Carlos Pena
62%b. Albert Pujols
24%c. Prince Fielder
5%d. Ryan Braun
0%e. Lance Berkman
5%f. Joey Votto
0%g. Carlos Lee
5%h. other
 2. Which player will have the most wins (0 points)
29%a. Zack Grienke
24%b. Adam Wainwright
5%c. Carlos Zambrano
14%d. Chris Carpenter
5%e. Matt Garza
0%f. Wandy Rodriguez
14%g. Johnny Cueto
10%h. other
 3. Which Player will have the most saves (0 points)
48%a. Francisco Cordero
19%b. Ryan Franklin
19%c. Carlos Marmol
10%d. John Axford
0%e. Brandon Lyon
0%f. Mike Lincoln
5%g. other
 4. How many allstars will come from the NL Central (0 points)
0%a. 1-2
0%b. 3-4
10%c. 5-6
33%d. 7-8
29%e. 9-10
19%f. 11-12
5%g. 13-14
5%h. 15 or more
 5. Who will have the most losses (0 points)
0%a. Brewers
0%b. Cubs
0%c. Reds
0%d. Brewers
19%e. Astros
81%f. Pirates
0%g. Cardinals
 6. Will there be a NL Champion out of the NL Central (0 points)
33%a. yes
67%b. no
 7. Will there be a wild card team from the NL Central (0 points)
67%a. yes
33%b. no
 8. Which team will win the NL Central (0 points)
38%a. Cardinals
29%b. Brewers
29%c. Reds
5%d. Cubs
0%e. Astros
0%f. Pirates(i guess i will list them you never know)

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#1 | 1352 days ago

i put the brewers twice in the most losses bad, i guess im thinking they will have the kidding brewers fans
1. Albert Pujols  2. Chris Carpenter  3. Francisco Cordero  4. 9-10  5. Pirates  6. yes  7. yes   8. Cardinals  
#2 | 1352 days ago

 Go Brewers, well, more like go Zack Grienke, he's free from the Royals, represent us proudly
1. Ryan Braun  2. Zack Grienke  3. John Axford  4. 11-12  5. Pirates  6. yes  7. yes   8. Brewers  
#3 | 1352 days ago

The cardinals lineup and rotation is stacked...i cant see them losing the central this year...but there is plenty of competition out there, so you never know!! GO CARDS!!!! world series title #11???
1. Albert Pujols  2. Chris Carpenter  3. Francisco Cordero  4. 9-10  5. Pirates  6. yes  7. yes   8. Cardinals  
#4 | 1351 days ago

SURPRISE TEAM in the central............the CUBS........good pitching....excellent bullpen and pretty good offense.......DONT BE SURPRISED. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Albert Pujols  2. Carlos Zambrano  3. Carlos Marmol  4. 9-10  5. Pirates  6. no  7. no  8. Cubs  
#5 | 1351 days ago

The cardinals rotation is better then the cubbies, and there offense is better by far...the team i would be most worried about is the brewers
1. Albert Pujols  2. Chris Carpenter  3. Francisco Cordero  4. 9-10  5. Pirates  6. yes  7. yes   8. Cardinals  
#6 | 1350 days ago
BDV4U (+)

With the Cards, Reds, Brewers & Cubs, this should be a dog fight! Don't count out the Astros and Pittsburgh may not be pushovers either!
1. Albert Pujols  2. Adam Wainwright  3. Francisco Cordero  4. 9-10  5. Pirates  6. no  7. yes   8. Cardinals  
#7 | 1350 days ago

 I have to go along with the Reds. Their young players are all  a year older and they added Renteria to give them more veteran leadership. The Cards are always in the hunt, but I their bullpen might be kind of thin. The Cubbies look to be better than a lot of people expect. I dont think they can win the division, but I believe they will be competitive . The Brewers will be in there, but Im still not convinced that Greinke is the piece that gets them over the top. Take away the 2009 season, hes just a journeyman pitcher. I look for them to fight the Cards for 2nd and maybe have a shot at the wild card though thats a hard thing to predict, because you dont know how each division will play out. I have a feeling this might be the year the Pirates leave the cellar, especially if the Astros are as bad as I think they will be. 
1. Prince Fielder  2. Johnny Cueto  3. John Axford  4. 11-12  5. Astros  6. no  7. yes   8. Reds  
#8 | 1350 days ago

The brewers also added shaun marcum, which isnt saying a whole lot, but he used to pitch in a tough al east and pitchers benefit from coming to the nl most of the time..I think Grienke will be better also since he is in the nl now..There starting rotation looks way better then last year which was there main issue..I look for them to battle the reds and possibly take the wild card with the cardinals winning the division..ofcourse i am thinkin GO CARDS!!!
1. Albert Pujols  2. Chris Carpenter  3. Francisco Cordero  4. 9-10  5. Pirates  6. yes  7. yes   8. Cardinals  
#9 | 1332 days ago

Boston may have had the curse of the babe, however facts support Pittsburgh not doing anything since Mr. Bonds left for the Bay.
1. Albert Pujols  2. Adam Wainwright  3. Ryan Franklin  4. 13-14  5. Pirates  6. no  7. no  8. Cardinals  
#10 | 1329 days ago

Whoops, for a second there I thought you didn't list fielder in the HR category. Consider my answer changed
1. other  2. Zack Grienke  3. Francisco Cordero  4. 7-8  5. Astros  6. no  7. yes   8. Brewers  

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