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Should Congress save NFL from a lockout?
Read the Article: Should Congress save NFL from a lockout?

Employers have been locking out employees over labor disputes for a long time without Congress intervention. As much as I enjoy the NFL and do not want to see a lockout in my opinion Congress should butt out.
| Closed on 02/24/11 at 05:00PM
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#1 | 1184 days ago

 Congress needs to keep its nose out of sports business in general. 
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#1 | 1184 days ago

 Congress needs to keep its nose out of sports business in general. 
#2 | 1184 days ago

 Players want Congress to use its leverage over the league -- leverage that they say comes from an anti-trust exemption given to the NFL years ago to negotiate television contracts and share revenues.

So far, members have shown little indication they will intervene, and the players insisted that they were not expecting them to.

"At this point, we're not trying to get anybody to step in to interfere, we just want to inform members of Congress where we stand," said Pete Kendall, a former offensive lineman and now a permanent representative on the union's negotiating committee.

"We're not looking for Congress to step in and do anything per se," said Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday. "We're just looking to get people in our communities to understand what our cause is."
Maybe I'm not reading this correctly, but, to me, this sounds VERY contradicting!

Players want CONGRESS to use their leverage but players don't want CONGRESS to interfere?!?!?!

Congress needs to stay out of Sports unless it's an issue of granting money or for tax reasons for an individual team/city.

#3 | 1183 days ago

Keep Congress out of this. Sports and politics do not mix.

#4 | 1183 days ago

CONGRESS.....has alot more to worry about beides a bunch of over paid, whiney football players..........LET EM WALK........STAY OUT OF IT CONGRESS
#5 | 1183 days ago

we don,t want to see a 3rd strike in 20 years!
#6 | 1182 days ago

the players just want to play ball....they have asked for very little as far as changes go....the ownders are doing all the demanding...but regardless congress has no place in sports decisions.and that goes from indictiong atheletes for drug use,to lock outs.......ownders cant be that stupid to want a lock out,,the money they will lose will not be worth it,,nd we kow owners care about one thing $$$$$$$
    I also do not think pete rosell has any business sticking his nose in many issues...mostly because i do not agree with his decisions..he is so busy trying to make money that he forgot that his job is to represent the NFL..all of the NFL..players, fans, owners..not play god and make decisions,,,,they are not his to make....IMHO
#7 | 1167 days ago

Congress needs to stay out of all sports. The players just want to pla y & be paid for there playing !!!! T V wants most of the changes to build there ratings. Do they relize that if season goes to 18 games the extra punshment football players will take. They should go back to way seasom used to be NO bye week 16 weeks of games, then playoffs !!! Bring the purity back into the game & let the league handle it self. Its worked for over 45 - 50 years.

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