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He's 21 & She's 15 !......Sorry Dude! You have to GO! (Edited 02/23/11 07:40PM by SusanVette)

On FACEBOOK .I have alot of my daughter's friends on my account.Well one of them is a 15 yr old girl - she has several health problems as well as mental & family problems.So I look after her on FB.Well she hooked up with this guy on FB.I added him for a friend to keep closer tabs on him.He just turned 21 last week.All I heard was ,"We're in love!" You read their chat back & forth: "Oh,baby I miss you!" "I want to be with you." "Oh,Baby!"
 Being a Mother of a 15 soon to be 16 yr old daughter myself! I confronted him about his age & her's.The only reason he went after her was ,"I'm desperate for love & me & her started talking.Age doesn't matter-we're in love!"
Well - you all know me & for those that don't ..... You'll love me! I'm a Biker- I have BACA -Bikers Against Child Abuse - Family on my side.I don't stand by & watch a grown man take advantage of a little girl! Needless to say -I called her Mom ! And he is off of FACEBOOK!

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175.3641. He's 21 & She's 15 !......Sorry Dude! You have to GO!

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