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Rank in order which trio (in their prime) you would prefer to build a team around (Part 6) (Edited 09/20/11 07:14PM by SusanVette)
Rank the random trios
| Closed on 09/21/11 at 12:00PM
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Team Breakout:
Rank12 FansAvg (1st)
1.Joe Theismann,Chuck Muncie,Joe Horn7.8 (5)
2.George Blanda,Rodney Hampton,Steve Smith7.4 (3)
3.Bob Griese,Lawrence McCutcheon,Johnnie Morton6.7 (2)
4.Jim Plunkett,John Henry Johnson,Terance Mathis6.6 (1)
5.Bobby Layne,Curt Warner,Mark Duper5.8 (1)
6.Jim Harbaugh,Robert Smith,Terry Glenn5.6
7.Ken O'Brien,Mark van Eeghen,John Stallworth5.6
8.Steve Grogan,Antowain Smith,Ricky Proehl4.6
9.Jeff Garcia,Wilbert Montgomery,Mark Carrier2.9
10.Tommy Kramer,Lydell Mitchell,Cliff Branch2.2

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#1 | 1284 days ago

Why didn't you put JERRY RICE!!!!!!!!!!!
1. Joe Theismann,Chuck Muncie,Joe Horn  2. George Blanda,Rodney Hampton,Steve Smith  3. Ken O'Brien,Mark van Eeghen,John Stallworth  4. Jim Plunkett,John Henry Johnson,Terance Mathis  5. Bob Griese,Lawrence McCutcheon,Johnnie Morton  6. Jim Harbaugh,Robert Smith,Terry Glenn  7. Steve Grogan,Antowain Smith,Ricky Proehl  8. Bobby Layne,Curt Warner,Mark Duper  9. Jeff Garcia,Wilbert Montgomery,Mark Carrier  10. Tommy Kramer,Lydell Mitchell,Cliff Branch  
#2 | 1166 days ago

Bottom half of these are the dregs of the barrel
1. Bob Griese,Lawrence McCutcheon,Johnnie Morton  2. Joe Theismann,Chuck Muncie,Joe Horn  3. Bobby Layne,Curt Warner,Mark Duper  4. Jim Plunkett,John Henry Johnson,Terance Mathis  5. Tommy Kramer,Lydell Mitchell,Cliff Branch  6. Ken O'Brien,Mark van Eeghen,John Stallworth  7. Jim Harbaugh,Robert Smith,Terry Glenn  8. George Blanda,Rodney Hampton,Steve Smith  9. Jeff Garcia,Wilbert Montgomery,Mark Carrier  10. Steve Grogan,Antowain Smith,Ricky Proehl  
#3 | 1166 days ago

I assume you mean Curt Warner, the former Seahawks/Rams running back rather than the Rams/Giants/Cardinals quarterback. Be that the case, there are no real superstars on this list, not counting Bobby Layne. I'm going to pick the top at each position, here, as to the best of the best on top of it. I like the guts and glory push it to the red line attitude of Bobby Layne. He seemed to want to play till he dropped dead. I'll take the quiet but intense Mark van Eghen as my running back, and speedy John Stallworth as my receiver.  I can't stress enough of how much I liked Bobby Layne, who was Brett Favre tough with Joe Namath's swagger all put together in one man. Layne's been dead for 25 years, but I would still try and sign his children, or even a second cousin, hoping that Bobby's guts and glory attitude might have rubbed off.

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