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good morning "QVILLE"
ok fellow iquers wife took off today going to the ashboro zoo probably going to spend the day maybe even get a room spend the night and come back tomorrow ,you can do stuff like that when you are retired,so tell me fellow iquers what is on your plate for today and the upcomming weekend,does anybody else like the zoo as much as we do
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30%a. I am doing this
10%b. I am doing that
10%c. nothing that I know of
0%d. sex sex sex I hope
50%e. other

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#1 | 1278 days ago

I'm probably going to be staying at a friend's house for the weekend and going to his concert that he is performing on Saturday night, and plenty of after-show partying.
#2 | 1278 days ago

I'm listing items of Craigs List and Ebay.  Of course, it helps to know what exactly your listing should say.  Rob just waved his hand over some stuff and said list it before he left for work. 

If he spoke plain English instead of geek speak, I might retain more of what he says.  After a while it sounds like Charlie Browns teacher

and I go to my "happy place"    

The zoo sounds like a lot more fun.  Drink lots of water captain.
I am doing this  
#3 | 1278 days ago

chilling most of the weekend......watching lots of baseball...NCAA basketball...and probably out to eat with the family.....sunday high school spring baseball permitting..........
#4 | 1278 days ago

I have some side work this weekend.

Yes, I like going to the zoo. I prefer FREE Lincoln Park Zoo over outrageously expensive Brookfield Zoo.
I am doing that  
#5 | 1278 days ago
NorseHeathen (+)

Well, my back is getting much better, but I'll still be keeping things "low key" this weekend.
#6 | 1278 days ago

Trever's out on patrol again and probably wont' be back before Sunday, so it's just me and the kiddo. I'm sure we'll spend one day watching movies (Tangled - YAY!) and junking out and being lazy. Then I would like to go downtown at some point. I was going to do that yesterday with her and get giant chocolate chip cookies on Duval and treat her to a hot chocolate or a Frap at Starbucks but we didn't end up going...I got tired of the traffic before we even got more than 2 blocks off base. I'll suck it up sometime this weekend though. 
#7 | 1278 days ago

I've got a hockey tournament starting tonight, and my baseball league starts Sunday morning
#8 | 1278 days ago

I'll be working tomorrow (as usual), then probably hanging out with one or more of my homos (as usual), then put off housework (as usual), and read a bit (as usual).  
Other than that, due to post #7, I'll likely be putzing on the Q a bit more, maybe making more horrific polls for you all to enjoy/hate/shake your head at/answer anyway (you hypocritical sons of bitches).
#9 | 1278 days ago
Nick__ (+)

(Edited by Nick__)
 Installed some rolling cabinet trays at a friends storefront, now, watching the CUBS home opener.  Tonight, I'll be watching the BLACKHAWKS-BLUE JACKETS game....staying in since i have to be at work at 8am tomorrow.
I am doing this  
#10 | 1278 days ago

Bit of a boring weekend for me. See the heart doc on Monday, so trying to be good this weekend (sort of like brushing your teeth before you see the dentist). So, I plan to eat reasonably healthy, work out twice (instead of once), watch the Final Four and baseball, and do some errands like my state taxes.

Of course, I also suspect I'm about to be invited to a Nats game this weekend, so this could change.
#11 | 1278 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

 Hi Capt. I just watched the cubs win their opener, so life is pretty much the same.
#12 | 1278 days ago
John_Daly (+)

I was at the Zoo today actually (World famous San Diego Zoo, that is)   but it was for work, I havent been to the zoo for fun in 10 years. I guess its more of a tourist thing. You've seen one elephant, you've seen em all.
#13 | 1277 days ago

.Nothing much planned here.  Same ol', same ol'.

nothing that I know of  
#14 | 1275 days ago

John_Daly wrote:
I was at the Zoo today actually (World famous San Diego Zoo, that is)   but it was for work, I havent been to the zoo for fun in 10 years. I guess its more of a tourist thing. You've seen one elephant, you've seen em all.
I haven't been to the zoo in a while (World famous San Diego Zoo that is).  We used to get the annual pass for the family, and when the kids were younger, we'd go every 2-4 weeks and hang out for a couple of hours.  We wouldn't have to try to see everything in 1 day, we could alternate sections to visit.   And tourist viewing is often just as interesting as seeing the polar bears lounging about.   Sometimes more.

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