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The Q-lywed Game
Teams are listed below. If your name isn't there and you want to play, simply find a teammate and join in. "Couples" try to answer each question about each other correctly and then combine their points for a team score. 

1. Which toppings do they like on their pizza? 
2. Which section do they like best in a newspaper: classified ads, crossword puzzle or the comics?
3. What would they say is their favorite magazine?
4. When sleeping alone during the summer, what are they most likely to wear to bed?
5. What was their least favorite subject in school?
| Closed on 05/11/11 at 05:00PM
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5%a. Cuddles-CaptainSeafood
0%b. Helen-Sick Puppy
14%c. Janet-Sharp Square
9%d. kobe_lova-Rogs
5%e. mshippiequeen-Stoney
5%f. Violet-Richard Cranium
9%g. Jess-AKAgoatman
14%h. Cubsgirl-Nyce
9%i. Calikat-beaneaters
14%j. kteacher-rockysnappyduke
5%k. Nikki20-WISAC
9%l. Philly-Ironhead Mike
5%m. Kelbel-hskrdave