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MARCH MADNESS OFFICE POOLS (Edited 03/04/13 01:05PM by SusanVette)
MARCH MADNESS OFFICE POOLS <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 03/04/13 01:05PM by SusanVette)</span> Photo

Do you know of a unique basketball pool that you have played in? Like a point spread pool? Do you perfer a winner-take-all pools, or do you perfer that they offer a certain number of places? And if so, how many places should a pool pay? Let me hear your experiences on the pool you play in every year.  And, if you have a free moment, check out the rules for the Madness Of March Pool & give me your good/bad thoughts about it.

The rules for the Madness Of March Pool is below.  If your interested, or like to know more about it, feel free & send me a shout-out or contact me here on the site via my profile & I will contact you back, as soon as, humanly possible.

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