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Delicious, Delicious Murder
In another blatant attack on our meat way of life by the liberal QLR and their vegan agenda, I noticed that there were two polls devoted to vegetables today. Just another sad example of the wussification of the Q with this war on meat. So i decided to take back the Locker Room and return it it to what the founding father's intended this open forum to be. (Without the slavery, native genocide and institutional misogyny. LMAO, j/k the founding father's would totally have kept those too). It's "Surf and Turf" NOT "Turf and Turf." We're the top of the food chain!!! Well for now anyway, until the robots take over and discover that human toddlers are delicious, but I digress...

So what's your favorite dead animal and how do you like it prepared?
Featured by: Jess at 5/05/11 4:01PM
| Closed on 08/11/11 at 05:00AM
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-4110.7051. Delicious, Delicious Murder

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