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The best of the best ...volume 2
okay fellow iquers here is a list of some of the best all time catchers choose from the list or use the" other " selection to enter your own
| Closed on 05/30/11 at 05:00PM
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Rank15 FansAvg (1st)
1.Johnny Bench3.4 (9)
2.Yogi Berra2.1 (4)
3.Carlton Fisk1.1
4.Ivan Rodriquez0.7
Also receiving votes:Mike Piazza0.7
Gary Carter0.5
Roy Campanella0.5
Brian McCANN ( he's a brave what do you expect0.3 (1)
Gabby Hartnett0.3 (1)
Mickey Cochrane0.2
Bill Dickey0.1

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#1 | 1221 days ago

I only know 3 of those names, so I probably shouldn't vote.
#2 | 1221 days ago

Johnny Bench and the Big Red Machine was like the 70's Steelers - majority of that team is/will be in the hall of Fame, that's the only reason why I put him ahead Roy Campenella- who was an icon next to Jackie Robinson  when it came down to the times of the world back then. Also, who was main figure head in my neighborhood for years. use ask my Dad- who was that man in the wheelchair everyone would always crowd around, and then I learned the ways of the 60"s- nuff said!!!!!
1. Johnny Bench  2. Roy Campanella  3. Yogi Berra  4. Carlton Fisk  
#3 | 1221 days ago

 I might need a re-do on this one. I-Rod is actually one of the Top 3 ever, probably, based on his offense and defense. 
1. Johnny Bench  2. Yogi Berra  3. Carlton Fisk  4. Gary Carter  
#4 | 1221 days ago

how about Elston Howard....
1. Yogi Berra  2. Mickey Cochrane  3. Bill Dickey  4. Johnny Bench  
#5 | 1221 days ago

Buster Posey will be on this list someday
1. Johnny Bench  2. Carlton Fisk  3. Gary Carter  4. Ivan Rodriquez  
#6 | 1221 days ago

1. Johnny Bench  2. Mike Piazza  3. Gary Carter  4. Ivan Rodriquez  
#7 | 1221 days ago

No one seems to give Joe Torre credit for what a great catcher (and player, in general) he was.
Probably not top 4, like this poll is asking (or even top 10), but still deserves a mention.
1. Yogi Berra  2. Johnny Bench  3. Ivan Rodriquez  4. Roy Campanella  

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