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I wish some of you people would make more polls, otherwise you get mess like this.

So, I think we've done this before with different verbs. First person list 3 Q'ers. Next person tells us which one of them they will hug (and by hug, i know...umm....HUG), then who(m?) they will slap, then kill. You can't use the same q'er for 2 options, and you can't kill them all....etc. Jerks. Then list 3 more Q'ers for the next person. Have fun. You know it loads slow, so hit submit before you reply to people.

I know there are only about 18 people, but mix it up (with old members if you want or "celebs", whatever).
| Closed on 06/16/11 at 12:00AM
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19 Fans 
32%a. Boredom besets you?
21%b. I guess I will participate in this lovely idea.
16%c. I shall abstain for the time being, but reserve the right to change my mind.
32%d. All others and Beaneaters too.

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