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Okay fellow iquers it is Friday afternoon ,and alot of people is getting off work and getting ready to go parting ,is that you or are you more of a stay at home person ,or for some it is just time to go to work ,so how will your head feel tomorrow,god bless all my fellow iquers and be safe tonight
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13%a. It's party time
20%b. I am a loner
0%c. I love the 2nd shift
7%d. We can go to the captains house for coffee and donuts
60%e. other

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#1 | 1244 days ago

Tends to vary depending on my mood, or whatever is going on.    Sometimes it's a party with some good close friends, or a night at the movies with my wife.    Or stay at home playing board games with the kids.

Lately, it depends on whether my daughter has any band activities, then I'm helping chaperon.  (and having a good time with it.)
#2 | 1244 days ago

I am about to go to work.  So that kinds ruins my evening
#3 | 1244 days ago

derms33 wrote:
I am about to go to work.  So that kinds ruins my evening
*Kind of*
#4 | 1244 days ago

Looks like rain so probably just stay on the front porch.  Trying to save $ to go away.
#5 | 1244 days ago

 Watch the Indians and get some pizza, hell I already got the munchies so may not last till game time. 
#6 | 1244 days ago

I am home alone.  Will cap my strawberries and have strawberry shortcake later tonight.  That's about all the partying i will be doing.  It's also try to come up a thunder storm.
I am a loner  
#7 | 1244 days ago

 Watching hockey and baseball...I'll probably work out and read as well. I'm such a party animal.
It's party time  
#8 | 1243 days ago

I work on Saturdays, so, there's that.

But even if I didn't, I'm a loser.  I'd still be doing exactly what I do any other night ... tv, maybe a movie, read, video games, hang out, bug Stoney.  

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