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Indians @ Blue Jays 6-1-2011
7:07 eastern start....Cleveland has won seven of nine against Toronto.  Josh Tomlin (6-2 2.74 v. Kyle Drabek 3-3 4.16)     All correct answers will be marked as such, no replacement stats used
Scored by derms33 on 06/01/11 at 01:15PM | Closed on 06/01/11 at 07:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 7 | MLB, Cleveland Indians, Toronto Blue Jays | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer8 Fans 
  1. Which pitcher gets the win? (10 points)
Correct38%a. Josh Tomlin (CLE)
25%b. Kyle Drabek (TOR)
13%c. Cle RP
25%d. Tor RP
  2. Which player hits a HR? (10 points)
13%a. Sizemore (CLE)
25%b. Choo (CLE)
13%c. A Cabrera (CLE)
38%d. J Bautista (TOR)
0%e. J Nix (TOR)
0%f. JP Arencibia (TOR)
0%g. T Buck (CLE)
Correct13%h. NONE of these
  3. Which Indian steals a base? (10 points)
Correct13%a. None by CLE in game
0%b. Choo
63%c. Asdrubal Cabrera
0%d. Jack Hannahan
13%e. Grady SIzemore
0%f. Orlando Cabrera
13%g. Michael Brantley
0%h. Carlos Santana
  4. Which of these players record an Xtra base hit? (10 points)
Correct0%a. Jack Hanahan (CLE)
38%b. Carlos Santana (CLE)
Correct13%c. Michael Brantley (CLE)
13%d. Yunel Escobar (TOR)
13%e. Juan Rivera (TOR)
13%f. Corey Patterson (TOR)
13%g. Aaron Hill (TOR)
Correct0%h. Grady SIzemore (CLE)
  5. Over or Under 8.5 total runs? (10 points)
Correct13%a. Over
88%b. Under
  6. Who records the most K's? (10 points)
Correct38%a. Tomlin
63%b. Drabek
0%c. Indians bullpen
0%d. Tor bullpen
  7. Which player will record the most RBI? (10 points)
50%a. Bautista
0%b. Escobar
0%c. Patterson
0%d. Arencibia
38%e. Choo
Correct0%f. A. Cabrera
Correct0%g. Sizemore
13%h. Santana
  Tiebreaker: Total hits by Cleveland
Correct 18

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#1 | 1242 days ago

It's time for Choo and Santana to get their bats going.
1. Cle RP  2. Choo (CLE)  3. None by CLE in game  4. Carlos Santana (CLE)  5. Under  6. Drabek  7. Choo  
#2 | 1242 days ago

sisyphus1992 wrote:
It's time for Choo and Santana to get their bats going.
the lefty-laden lineup of the Tribe should give them an advantage
1. Tor RP  2. A Cabrera (CLE)  3. Michael Brantley  4. Carlos Santana (CLE)  5. Under  6. Drabek  7. Choo  

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