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Which QB should the Cardinals go after? (Edited 07/20/11 12:53AM by Kenne)
The Cards are looking to fill in a void left behind by Kurt Warner, as a replacement to Derek Anderson / Max Hall after a failing season. There are a few choices on the board for sign or trade when the lockout ends. Which of the frequently brought up names are the best fit?
| Closed on 09/30/11 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
Rank24 FansAvg (1st)
1.Kevin Kolb2.1 (14)
2.Carson Palmer1.4 (4)
3.Donovan McNabb1.0 (4)
Also receiving votes:Kyle Orton0.5
Vince Young0.5 (2)
Marc Bulger0.3
Matt Hasselbeck0.2
_____ ______0.1 (1)