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QWSI Weekly 8/29/11 (Edited 08/30/11 05:32PM by kramer)
 Hello out there in FanIQ Land!  Are you tired, rundown, listless?  Are you bored to tears on a Monday night?  Are you sitting on the Q because you have nothing better to do with your life?  The answer to all your problems is in this very poll.  No, it’s not Vitametavegamin, but it’s a series that’s as timeless on the Q as I Love Lucy on TV.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to read each hilariously awesome quote below and correctly guess WHO SAID IT!  You might have even made one of the quotes, but do you remember saying it, or are you having a bout of CRS?  If you’re not featured on this episode, don’t despair.  Just keep making us laugh, and you may just find yourself on the next installment of FanIQ Who Said It?
| Closed on 09/28/11 at 05:00PM
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 1. The “You know you F’ers wanna motorboat this sh*t” Award goes to: Leigh (0 points)
0%a. jswol54
8%b. The_Real_Stoney
11%c. Jason_
78%d. Cactus_Jack
3%e. ROGS
0%f. Nick_L
0%g. Tiger_Pride2
0%h. 18packabs
 2. I can’t even spell modurater…. (0 points)
0%a. gobigblue1960
11608019716%b. ankurnathmishra
57%c. Beaneaters
14%d. Oddfool
24%e. Sharp Square
0%f. mojo
0%g. JenX63
0%h. ohwell_
 3. Nellie’s gonna be mad at me for not putting her on my team…she can be the mascot or cheerleader of water girl…she scares me. (0 points)
11%a. kobe_lova
14%b. Joe_L
3%c. hskrdave
3%d. kteacher
0%e. gearhead
0%f. Michael G
70%g. Jess
0%h. Nikki20
 4. For my last spot I would like to write in Jason. He’s girly enough to qualify right? (0 points)
51%a. woody050681
3%b. HULL_17
5%c. NorseHeathen
41%d. janet011685
0%e. Fatal
0%f. Jeff_P
0%g. mikeam7
0%h. vantiffin52
 5. From now on we should call a 5 out of 8 a “Hanging Chad” or an “ex-Johnson.” It needs it’s own Q gambling ref imo. BTW all correct answers will hence for be #PocketTeachs (0 points)
0%a. davonthedl
0%b. maddhatter6691
5%c. RichyMcWiggleSr
0%d. Diablorain
5%e. alainpeartree
86%f. marcus_nyce
3%g. I_Bleed_Purple
0%h. das3cr
 6. Hoo bouy…How about we make Monday’s “Moon-Days”?…The lady at work that’s always in your face when you don’t wanna be bothered…shoot the moon! P.S. Jack, I didn’t know two blimps could fly that close together… (0 points)
8%a. WISAC1
3%c. coyotedances
5%d. ChristiSunshine
11608019714%e. JrCanuckFan
3%f. Onegoodredhead2
0%g. BenSullivan
78%h. originalcrash78
 7. If that string snaps it’s going to hurt someone. (0 points)
 8. (in a picture) I’m so happy I could sh*t on the floor! (0 points)

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