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RUGBY WORLD CUP Quarterfinals
Read the Article: RUGBY WORLD CUP Quarterfinals

 RUGBY WORLD CUP Quarterfinals Photo
...and now that all the minnow teams have headed home as well as Scotland and Italy from the Six Nations competition. It's down to the last eight nations.  Southern Hemisphere teams as well as the Northern Hemisphere teams face off against each other - In the end it will be North v South.  

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Scored by Poli_ on 10/21/11 at 09:59AM | Closed on 10/08/11 at 01:00AM
FanIQ Pts? 4 | Rugby Union, Argentina, Ireland | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Ireland | Wales | New Zealand
Correct Answer9 Fans 
  1. Ireland v Wales (5 points)
67%a. Ireland
Correct33%b. Wales
  2. Australia v South Africa (5 points)
Correct33%a. Australia
67%b. South Africa
  3. England v France (5 points)
89%a. England
Correct11%b. France
  4. New Zealand v Argentina (5 points)
Correct89%a. New Zealand
11%b. Argentina
  Tiebreaker: Total points in NZ v Argentina
Correct 43

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#1 | 1114 days ago

France Losing Is An Easy One Since They Couldn't Even Pull Of a Win Against The Developing Islanders From The Kingdom Of Tonga. The Mate Ma'a Tonga Pulled Off One The Most Remarkable Upsets In World Cup History With The Win Against A 4th Ranked French Side.
1. Ireland  2. South Africa  3. England  4. New Zealand  
#2 | 1113 days ago

 France pulling the impossible is probable with the English.  I'm hoping the Brits play down to the French and that the French play up. The Tonga game was amazing - as too Manu Samoa against RWC champs the Spring Boks.
1. Ireland  2. South Africa  3. France  4. New Zealand  
#3 | 1113 days ago

File:William Webb Ellis Cup.jpg viva spring-box ! :) ;)
1. Ireland  2. South Africa  3. England  4. New Zealand  
#4 | 1104 days ago

brandoninglin wrote:
File:William Webb Ellis Cup.jpg viva spring-box ! :) ;)
Man, I Was Banking on them winning it all...Guess not.
1. Ireland  2. South Africa  3. England  4. New Zealand  

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