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 When I was growing up, my family played A LOT of board/card games, but Rummy wasn't one of them. My friend Phil and his girlfriend just taught me the game Saturday night and we had a great time. What is the last thing you learned how to do and who taught you?
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0%a. Cooking 101
0%b. Putting lessons
0%c. A different language
0%d. Burping the alphabet
4%e. To play an instrument
4%f. Ballroom dancing
0%g. Martial Arts
0%h. SCUBA diving
0%i. How to sew
93%j. other

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#1 | 1038 days ago
John_Daly (+)

Wheres the weird uncomfortable twist?  This isnt like you. 

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#1 | 1038 days ago
John_Daly (+)

Wheres the weird uncomfortable twist?  This isnt like you. 

#2 | 1038 days ago

John_Daly wrote:

Wheres the weird uncomfortable twist?  This isnt like you. 

 Who knows, maybe someone just learned how to play Strip Poker and it was taught to them by their relatives. Is that the weird, uncomfortable twist you're looking for 
#3 | 1038 days ago

 Use a Smartboard in my classroom and I learned how from an IT dude and trial and error. 
#4 | 1038 days ago

Do you really think i am going to tell you?    lol  Naw, to tell the truth i don't remember the last thing i learned.
#5 | 1038 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

 How not to do a consumerism poll with the word Christmas in the title.     And Kevin. 

#6 | 1038 days ago

(Edited by alainpeartree)
I just learned how to play Dominoes at a cook out this summer
#7 | 1038 days ago
18packabs (+)

To not depend on a debit card to avoid monthly fees.
#8 | 1038 days ago
Nick__ (+)

#9 | 1038 days ago

alainpeartree wrote:
I just learned how to play Dominoes at a cook out this summer
I learned a few years ago from my roommate at the time.  We play all the time now. 

For me, it was wakeboarding.  I've always spent a lot of time at the lake, but always preferred wave running, drinking, etc.  Actually tried learning this year and although I'm average at best(even that's being generous), I can't wait to get back out there next summer. 
#10 | 1038 days ago

how to play NAKED TWISTER...........and im not saying who and with whom i played .......hehe..................altho NOT MUCH TEACHING
#11 | 1038 days ago

I learned how to shuffle thanks to LMFAO
#12 | 1038 days ago

The last thing I learned via lessons was belly dancing...and that's something that once you learn the fundamentals, you can continue on your own - including choreography.
#13 | 1038 days ago

i became a kick a$$  gramps.  self taught
#14 | 1038 days ago

Teach me how to Dougie. Teach me, teach me how to Dougie...
Ballroom dancing  
#15 | 1038 days ago

I have learned how to take it easy and not be on the go all the time ,have to admit it is .........boring
#16 | 1037 days ago

Wriggles taught me how to photoshoooop. It's great :D
#17 | 1037 days ago

 I just learned last night from my dog "Cuddles" there`s more than one way to skin a cat! :)
#18 | 1011 days ago

 Yesterday (my birthday) I took the NRA class to get my pistol permit. 92 on the written and tight grouping with both revolver and semi-automatic. I was better, and prefer, the semi though.
#19 | 1011 days ago

The_Real_Stoney wrote:
I learned how to shuffle thanks to LMFAO
 Glenda -  I need help here...    
#20 | 1011 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

llorionll wrote:
 Glenda -  I need help here...    
Lol,  it's ok  some day all will get it.
#21 | 1011 days ago

How to mom.  She was brave.  She taught me how to drive before I had my permit and made me run errands for her, like going to the store to get something she needed to cook dinner.  Then the day I got my permit, she made me get on the Watterson Expressway while they were doing construction. 
#22 | 1010 days ago

 15 yrs ago I first learned to play time killer game ever invented.......and really needed when in the Army

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