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Daily Jeopardy 10/20
I have become obsessed with Jeopardy, so I figured I'd make a daily poll about it. Below are 7 answers (3 from Jeopardy, 3 from Double, and Final unless noted) from a recent episode. See if you can get the questions right. These answers are from Tuesday, October 18th's episode.

| Closed on 10/21/11 at 11:00PM
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 1. EARTHQUAKE! for $600: The standard scale is logarithmic, so an 8.0 has waves this many times larger than a 7.0 (0 points)
7%a. What is 2?
7%b. What is 8?
50%c. What is 10?
36%d. What is 100?
 2. THE 2011 FORTUNE 500 for $800: No. 36 this co. got "a $30 billion contract to supply refueling aircraft to the Air Force, beating European rival Airbus" (0 points)
 3. SPORTS BY CHAMPIONS for $1000: Alberto Contador, Jan Ullrich (0 points)
 4. WORLD GEOGRAPHY for $1200: Among its political divisions are Powys, Cardiff & Swansea (0 points)
 5. CRASHING THE PARTY for $1200: Split by the slavery issue, it didn't nominate its incumbent, Millard Fillmore, in 1852; it crashed soon after (0 points)
 6. FICTION for $2000: "The House of the Dead" is a fictionalized version of this 19th C. Russian's prison experiences (0 points)
 7. FINAL JEOPARDY CATEGORY "FOREIGN-BORN INVENTORS:" His 1922 New York Times obituary mentions that his patent no. 174,465 "has been called the most valuable patent ever issued" (0 points)

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