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Q Hurricane warning (Edited 01/02/12 03:30PM by )
As we all know there are 5 catagories to any hurricane.

catagory 1, 74 to 95 mile an hour winds. Very dangerous will produce some damage.

catagory 2, 96 to 110 mile an hour winds. Extremely dangerous, will cause extensive damage.

catagory 3, 111 to 130 mile an hour winds. Devasting damage will occur.

catagory4, 131 to 155 mile an hour winds. Catastrophic damage will occur.

catagory 5, 155 ,ile an hour winds and higher. Again catastrophic damage.

Anoher thing that we all know about hurricanes are, until recently they are named after women. Which brings me to the point of the poll.

You get to pick a lady q'er, and tell us whch catagory hurricane she would be, and how bad of damage she would cause if she ever was a hurricane.. Have fun.
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