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Disclaimer:  This is another terrible poll, brought to you by yours truly.  If you are pregnant, nursing, or think you may become pregnant, do NOT take this poll.  If you are easily butt-hurt, do NOT participate in this poll.  If you have no sense of humor, or find pedophile jokes offensive, do NOT participate in this poll (hey, you never know where this mess might lead, am I right?).

With that out of the way...
Your job is to think up an appropriate (and simultaneously inappropriate, if possible) website that a Qer might run.

Example:  Woody might be the webmaster for

Get it?  No.  Great.  Let's roll!
| Closed on 02/15/12 at 11:00PM
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22%a. ____ would run this site...
11%b. J runs
11%c. I'm not participating because of the disclaimer.
7%d. If that's so, you shouldn't even be reading this ... stupid people who don't follow directions!
30%e. I'll watch and giggle at the butt-hurtness.
19%f., your source for all things "other".