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Pot Of Gold...Good Thing / Bad Thing?
Pot Of Gold...Good Thing / Bad Thing? Photo

Saint Patrick's Day is approaching and it makes me think about a few things. It reminds me that I'm Irish, It reminds me that I have always wanted to Win Big.  Which leads me to wonder what I would do if I ever did win a large sum of money. So hypothetically speaking...Imagine this then tell me what you would do.
You purchase a Lottery Ticket..(PowerBall) or whatever your state calls it. The next day you check your numbers to find that you are the sole winner of $50 million dollars Pot Of Gold...Good Thing / Bad Thing? Photo.... Would you go to the Lottery Agency alone to claim your winnings and pay all the taxes or would you gather some family / friends to go with you so that the monies could be divided..balancing out the taxes..?  Tell us how you would handle the situation.. Remember it's worth $50 Million dollars...

| Closed on 03/18/12 at 05:00PM
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27%a. It would be a dream come true.
15%b. I'm never lucky.
0%c. Woulda Shoulda Coulda.
4%d. More money for Beans.
19%e. This is what I would do.
4%f. Way too much to think about.
0%g. Perhaps I would....
15%h. To dream..The impossible dream..
12%i. It's a Yogi and a Boo boo
4%j. I don't care to play.