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When you go on vacation, what are the 5 things that you want your hotel to have?
| Closed on 03/22/12 at 05:00PM
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Rank41 FansAvg (1st)
1.Internet access2.2 (7)
2.A bar2.0 (7)
3.Hot tub1.6 (7)
4.Swimming pool1.4 (7)
5.Casino1.1 (3)
Also receiving votes:A restaurant1.0 (1)
Room service1.0 (1)
Big screen TV1.0 (1)
A nice view0.9 (1)
Movie channels0.7
Free massages0.6 (1)
A church nearby0.5 (4)
A dance club within walking distance0.3 (1)
A dance floor0.1
Pets allowed in rooms0.1
Water beds0.1