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Let's Talk About Sax!!
No it's not a typo so leave your perversions for my phone or IM (hskrdave99 on yahoo).

So I played an instrument (not the "flute"), and I like music, and sometimes I hear an instrument and go "damn that would be sexy to hear live or play for a woman, because she would have to love it".  Basically we are talking p**ty dr****rs and m***t m***rs.

My top three that I would like would be Sax, Violin, and Piano.  

Anywho, anything from you qeoples, or is it just me?
| Closed on 03/17/12 at 05:00AM
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0%a. Violin
20%b. Sax
15%c. Piano
0%d. Trumpet
15%e. Guitar
5%f. Flute
0%g. Clarinet
5%h. Drums
5%i. Tuba
35%j. Something?