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Phone a Friend: Volume 22 (-ish, I think)
(...or Qer) 

Here are a few more trivia questions (so I'm not feeling creative enough to start up a NEW poll ... bite me ... hard ... jerk).  I don't care about the answers, so don't get all click-happy, you Googling cheaters.  I just want to know, if you were on a game show and had the "phone a friend" option, which Qer would you call for help with each one and why?  

1.  In computers, what is the name given to half a byte (4 bits)?

2.  What makes a hummingbird hum?

3.  The British Union Jack can be found on which US state flag?

4.  Which former president has his picture on the $2 bill?

5.  John Paul II was the first Roman Catholic Pope from which country?
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45%a. I'd call...
0%b. Game shows suck.
27%c. You suck, what a stupid thing to say to me.
0%d. This is even more stupid when you're pumped up on Novacaine.
27%e. Beans is always the one to call.