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your choice would be
okay fellow iquers it would be a pretty mundane poll to offer you the choice between the super bowl or the world series,but not this poll and not tonight if you won an all expenses paid trip to one of the following sporting events which would you choose
The Indy 500 held at Indianapolis motor speedway in Indianapolis I ndiana
The Kentucky derby held at Churchill Downs in Louisville,Kentucky
Pro Motocross Championship held at Hangtown in Sacramento ,Calf
| Closed on 03/13/12 at 05:00PM
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11%a. The Indy 500
22%b. The Kentucky Derby
33%c. The Pro Motocross Championship
0%d. Aren't you susposed to bed by now captain
33%e. other

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#1 | 958 days ago

Kentucky Derby, so I could make some money off of horses, but it's a hoity-fest.and my wardrobe will most certainly be upstaged.
The Kentucky Derby  
#2 | 957 days ago

I love animals more than people, so the horses would be off for me...and the Indy 500, well, I don't see myself sitting that long to watch cars go around in left turns ...."and car 1 turns left, and he turns left again, and he turns left again, and he turns left again!' Motocross would be pretty awesome!!! Chance of injuries...80%!!! Yes, I know...I am pretty twisted and like to see you should actually put up there MMA...that would be the bomb!!
The Pro Motocross Championship  
#3 | 957 days ago

The Kentucky Derby by a nose over Indy. While it may be a hoity-toity fest, I have heard that the infield area is the place to be to partaaay, especially turn three area.
#4 | 957 days ago

Indy 500,  Love my Nascar
The Indy 500  
#5 | 957 days ago

anddddddddd theyre off...........give me the HORSIES anytime...........yes
#6 | 957 days ago

None of them, but the motorcross might be fun.
The Pro Motocross Championship  

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