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The Obama Fellow (Edited 03/15/12 01:09PM by derms33)
Is he serious?  He wants to act like an everyday guy with his "BRACKET"  (which is pretty much favorites), drink beer, and have an interest in sports in general, but is he serious?  How about addressing the $5/gal gas that is coming up that those of us who don't make 1 mill a year care about?  So My Question??????   Is Obama just trying to appeal to the general public enough to beat Mitt Romney to shield the fact that everyday Americans are gonna get banged on fuel prices?
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7%a. Beaneaters has free "gas"
7%b. Doomed
4%c. Drill Alaska
0%d. Gas won't ever be $5/gal
18%e. He Likes Sports, so what?
7%f. Keebs will pi$$ in your tank
36%g. other
11%h. Shut up fool
0%i. Where's Trump?
11%j. Wow, the Republicans are scraping the bottom of the barrel