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Whats your opinion on the New Orleans Saints and there supposed bounty?
| Closed on 04/15/12 at 05:00PM
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#1 | 946 days ago

I think that if the Coaches and the players were actually setting out to injure players for money than obviously there is a major problem there.  I love to watch football, but I don't think I wish for anyone to get hurt, well except for when McNabb played...but I never payed any money for it.  There is certainly a legal issue to be taken if players are paying each other to intentionally injure someone.  Now what to do about it, now that it is in the light, well there is a real question.
#2 | 946 days ago

95% of Players , Coaches, etc. (Associated With NFL) Knew It Was Happening. This Shouldn't Be Surprising Anyone.
#3 | 945 days ago

its an issue cause they got caught, everyone does it..

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