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Hockey East Championship Game College Hockey
Maine is playing Boston College for the hockey East championship on March 17, 2012 at 8 PM EST I believe it will be shown on NBC sports. I have to say I was not big in watching Versus, mainly because were I live I did not get the channel. Now where I am at I do and Friday night was college Hockey night every week. I wonder how many knew about, or cared. Either way you have two of the best teams in college hockey fighting it out can you pick the winner? This will be a mahana game for the Frozen four,I do hope many of you out there watch it.
Scored by jaysinw on 04/22/12 at 07:31AM | Closed on 03/17/12 at 08:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 6 | NCAA Hockey | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Correct Answer6 Fans 
  1. Which team will win (5 points)
33%a. Maine by < 2 goals
17%b. Maine by > 2 goals
50%c. B.C. by < 2 goals
Correct0%d. B.C. by <2 goals
  2. Which team will be winning after the 1st period (5 points)
17%a. Maine
Correct83%b. B.C.
0%c. TIED
  3. Which team will be winning after the 2nd period (5 points)
50%a. Maine
Correct33%b. B.C.
17%c. Tied
  4. Which team will be winning after the 3rd period (6 points)
Correct50%a. B.C.
50%b. Maine
0%c. TIED
  5. Which team will score last (5 points)
Correct33%a. B.C.
67%b. Maine
  6. Which team will score first (5 points)
33%a. Maine
Correct67%b. B.C.
  Tiebreaker: Total goals score by both teams
Correct 5

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