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Peyton's Place (AFC West Wing) (Edited 03/21/12 10:44AM by ColtsNation)
It's official... Peyton Manning will play for Denver Broncos starting the 2012 NFL season! For me, a die-hard-over-the-top Indianapolis Colts fan, this is disturbing news. I fell that personally Mr. Irsay should have done more to give Mr. Manning a real chance at retiring as a COLT instead of choosing to go in a new direction for the future of the organization. Not only that, but now Mr. Elway wants to adapt more COLTS players to assist Mr. Manning with his transition to the team which rubs me the wrong way I must say. In my anger, I wondered who else felt the way about this?
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 1. Do you think Peyton be successful with joining the Broncos? (0 points)
5%a. Yes, he will help them make it to the Super Bowl this year.
73%b. Of course, in 2 to 3 years they will get to the Super Bowl but not this year.
14%c. No, this was a bad choice for Peyton, he plays poorly in bad weather.
9%d. Hell "To-Da-Naw" Bruh! (Translation: Hell No!!!) He's not Tebow!
 2. Will the other players accept having Peyton run the offensive line? (0 points)
59%a. Yes, he is the best at what he do. They will have to learn to play Peyton's way.
23%b. Sure, they have nothing else to lose. Peyton will own the team some day.
0%c. No, the players would rather play behind Tebow instead.
18%d. No way dude! There's a procedure already in place. Peyton will have to learn it.
 3. How many victories will Denver Broncos have with Peyton at the helm first season? (0 points)
0%a. Only 1 win this season
0%b. Maybe 2 or 3 wins this season
9%c. Hopefully 4 to 6 wins this season
59%d. There will have 7 to 10 wins this season
27%e. They will have 11 or more wins this season
5%f. No wins under Manning during the first year
 4. How long do you think he will play for Denver Broncos before getting injured? (0 points)
5%a. He wont last three games before getting hurt
23%b. He wont last ten games before getting hurt
41%c. He will make it throughout this season without getting hurt
23%d. He might last up to two years before getting hurt
9%e. He will retire his number without getting hurt
 5. Will you freak out the first time you see Peyton in a Bronco uniform? (0 points)
 6. Will the COLTS survive without Peyton Manning? (0 points)

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