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NLL game for April 6, & 7.
There are four games going on, can you pick all four of them correctly? Good luck to all those that try.
Scored by jaysinw on 04/07/12 at 12:43PM | Closed on 04/07/12 at 07:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 4 | Lacrosse | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  NLL
Correct Answer9 Fans 
  1. Minnesota -Vs- Philadlephia April 6 (5 points)
Correct44%a. Minnesota Wings
56%b. Philadlephia Swarm
  2. Rochester -Vs- Calgary April 6 (5 points)
33%a. Rochester Knighthawks
Correct67%b. Calgary Roughnecks
  3. Edmonton -Vs- Toronto April 7 (5 points)
11%a. Edmonton Rush
Correct89%b. Toronto Rock
  4. Philadelphia -Vs- Buffalo (5 points)
22%a. Philadelphia Wings
Correct78%b. Buffola Bandits
  Tiebreaker: Total points in the Philadelphia - Buffola game.
Correct 24

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