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Who is your favorite Dodger pitcher of all-time?
Kershaw is shaping up to be one of our best pitchers but how about those with proven history.
| Closed on 12/31/12 at 11:00PM
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12%a. Clayton Kershaw
0%b. Dazzy Vance
6%c. Don Drysdale
0%d. Don Newcombe
12%e. Don Sutton
0%f. Fernando Valenzuela
0%g. Hideo Nomo
0%h. Johnny Podres
6%i. Orel Hershiser
65%j. Sandy Koufax
0%k. Tommy John
0%l. Van Lingle Mungo

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#1 | 803 days ago

I always like the BULLDOG...Ramon Martinez too
Orel Hershiser  
#2 | 801 days ago

Two words...Sandy Koufax.

Sandy Koufax  
#3 | 795 days ago

well said! Sandy Koufax for me as well. But some of those other guys were pretty good too. 

I thought the bulldog nick was Orel Hershisers.
#4 | 723 days ago

Is this question for real? And how is The Vulture not on the list. But Podres in '55. But Fernando was awesome. So was Nomo. I've got baseball cards of their no-hitters sitting on my desk. But in the end, Sandy was the man.
Sandy Koufax  
#5 | 723 days ago

Tommy John should not be on this list. Dodgers paid to have Frank Jobe rebuild his arm and the dick went off to the Yankees. Disgraceful.
Sandy Koufax  
#6 | 664 days ago

don't hate on Tommy John. Dodgers released him after the surgery. That is why he signed with the Yankees. That, and to win a World Series or two.

Koufax would have been the best of all time if not for arthritis from throwing his devestating curveball with all the torque on his elbow. 32 way too young for a pitcher like him to retire. Love the fact he works with the Mets in their farm system to teach them pitching during Spring Training.
Sandy Koufax  
#7 | 610 days ago

It's the Dodgers.  There is no favorite.  They are all the enemy!!!!   smiley
#8 | 595 days ago

Koufax by a country mile....or should I say a Brooklyn mile?
Sandy Koufax  

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