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#8 Los Angeles Kings vs. the #3 Phoenix Coyotes GAME 1 5/13/12
What a better Mother's Day gift than the Kings winning the first game in the Western Conference Finals? I know. I can't think of a single one. I want this series so bad it's starting to burn. 

Puck drops in Phoenix at 5:00 p.m (Pacific Time)

Let's Go KINGS!!!!

Scored by kteacher on 05/13/12 at 11:54AM | Closed on 05/13/12 at 08:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | NHL, Los Angeles Kings, Phoenix Coyotes | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Los Angeles Kings | Phoenix Coyotes
Tagged as:   #3 Seed vs. #8 Seed |  Royalty vs. Animal
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer12 Fans 
  1. Who Wins? (10 points)
Correct75%a. Kings in regulation
0%b. Kings in OT
25%c. Coyotes in regulation
0%d. Coyotes in OT
  2. Who Scores for the Kings? (5 points)
Correct17%a. Anze Kopitar
33%b. Mike Richards
Correct25%c. Dustin Brown
8%d. Justin Williams
0%e. Drew Doughty
Correct17%f. other Kings player (s)
0%g. nobody
  3. Who scores for the Coyotes? (5 points)
17%a. Antoine Vermette
17%b. Rostislav Klesla
8%c. Keith Yandle
Correct17%d. Mikkel Boedker
25%e. Ray Whitney
Correct17%f. other Coyotes player (s)
0%g. nobody
  4. Which team scores first? (10 points)
Correct58%a. Kings 5 on 5
17%b. Kings on a power play
0%c. Kings penalty shot
0%d. Kings other way not listed
17%e. Coyotes 5 on 5
8%f. Coyotes on a power play
0%g. Coyotes penalty shot
0%h. Coyotes other way not listed
  5. Which team scores last? (5 points)
Correct50%a. Kings
50%b. Coyotes
  6. Which team has more hits? (5 points)
58%a. Kings
Correct42%b. Coyotes
0%c. tie
  7. Which team has more penalty minutes? (5 points)
Correct42%a. Kings
33%b. Coyotes
25%c. tie
  8. Who has more shots on goal? (5 points)
Correct50%a. Kings
50%b. Coyotes
0%c. tie
  Tiebreaker: Total Number of penalty minutes for BOTH teams
Correct 18

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#1 | 858 days ago

Let's go Kings! Hit folks, score Kings' goals, save Coyotes' shots, and win 4 games in a hurry against Phoenix.

1. Kings in regulation  2. other Kings player (s)  3. other Coyotes player (s)  4. Kings 5 on 5  5. Kings   6. Kings   7. Coyotes  8. Kings   
#2 | 857 days ago

Go Kings!
1. Kings in regulation  2. Dustin Brown  3. Keith Yandle  4. Kings 5 on 5  5. Coyotes  6. Coyotes  7. Coyotes  8. Coyotes  
#3 | 856 days ago

Kings came out firing and win GAME 1 4-2 in Phoenix.....and they did all this with Quick having an "off" night (that first goal, but he didn't allow that to shake him, made a couple great saves late in the third to hold on to the lead). 

Congrats to the winners and dunce cap wearer of the poll. Thanks for participating. 

Kings play GAME 2 in Phoenix on Tuesday. 
1. Kings in regulation  2. Anze Kopitar  3. other Coyotes player (s)  4. Kings 5 on 5  5. Kings   6. Kings   7. tie  8. Kings   

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