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Directv... What To Do? HELP PLEASE!!!!
Directv... What To Do? HELP PLEASE!!!! Photo

Please answer the questions below to help me make a decision.  Feel free to elaborate in the comment section. I need all the help I can get to make a decision. Thank you :-)
| Closed on 10/19/12 at 05:00PM
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 1. Are you a current user or a former user? (0 points)
42%a. Current user
27%b. Former user
30%c. Never had it but I have heard....
 2. Do you live in the city or a rural area? (0 points)
61%a. City
39%b. Rural
 3. Your surroundings are? (0 points)
76%a. Mostly clear and great sky views.
24%b. Highly wooded, minimal views of sky.
 4. How's the signal for your cell phone at home? (0 points)
55%a. Great signal
39%b. Medium at best
6%c. Very undependable
0%d. Sucks! Provider listed below.
 5. Channel selection compared to Cable? (0 points)
30%a. Just about the same.
12%b. There's many directv doesn't offer that I want.
58%c. I think more selections compared to Cable.
 6. NFL Sunday Ticket? (0 points)
39%a. Yes I have that and it works great.
3%b. I have it but have had problems with it.
55%c. I don't get that it cost too much.
3%d. I have it but sometimes can't get the game I want to see.
0%e. I don't like football.