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Memorial Day 2012
Please take a Moment to remember someone important in your Life or remember a Soldier below.

Memorial Day 2012 Photo
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#5 | 847 days ago

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#1 | 847 days ago
18packabs (+)

Semper FI, to all my Marine Buddies, past and present.
#2 | 847 days ago
Nick__ (+)

To those that have served!
To those that have had friends or family serve!
To anyone and everyone that has/have served!


#3 | 847 days ago

2nd Infantry division!!!
#4 | 847 days ago

(Edited by kteacher)

**Dad on the left, uncle/godfather on the right......both died in 2004.
#5 | 847 days ago

#6 | 847 days ago

This Memorial Day lets remember that our freedom did not come without a price. Without the sacrifices of the brave men and women who died for out nation, we would not enjoy the liberties we have today. Those Americans didnt sign up for fame or riches, they gave themselves to a higher calling, a calling that demanded deep sacrifices and commitment. They were the guardians of our freedoms and defended the constitution. Some were only kids, 16 year old boys, who chose to serve the country they loved. The freedoms we enjoy today is becasue they traded their lives to preserve freedom and liberty.

Memorial Day is a day to honor those who fought and died and paid the ultimate price, a day to honor those who served  and have now passed on to join their brothers in arms, not some fu*king holiday to act an ass. It seems that  there are those who enjoy the freedoms we have and forget how those freedoms were given to them. i would ask that we all take some time out this weekend to pay tribute to those who gave their all and I dont mean some bullsh*t pouring a forty out like some pu**y ass gangster tribute. Offer a prayer of thanks, take a moment of silence, go by the cemetary and offer up a thank you to someone who has passed, its not hard to find, they usually have a flag next to their headstone.

The next time we are asked to trade our liberties for security, remember those who gave it all to defend the liberties we are so willing to trade away. God bless America.
#7 | 847 days ago

(Edited by richard_cranium)

As the child of a man who served just prior to Vietnam and both grandfathers served in Europe during World War II. I was taught to appreciate the sacrifices of our men and women in the Armed Forces. My family may have been fortunate to not have lost someone due to Military Combat, but there are way too many families that can't say the same thing.

To those Q'ers that served, are serving, have family that served/is serving. Thank you for your sacrifices!
#8 | 847 days ago

Jimmy Lee Moore
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Greenville, South Carolina
August 31, 1947 to May 26, 1968
JIMMY L MOORE is on the Wall at Panel 66W Line 010

One of four cousins, along with my dad who served in Vietnam between 1966 and 1968. All but one were wounded. Jimmy gave his all.

They will be some of many I will remember and give thanks for this weekend. 

#9 | 847 days ago


#10 | 847 days ago

My Grandfather was Army, My Dad was Navy, and my hubby was a Marine.... I am spoiled. I truly have been protected my entire life.  I would not wish to give up this nor any other freedom that  we are fortunate enough to have. My heart goes out to all who are no longer with us in body, but in spirit, as well as those that are still among us physically. OOH RAH
#11 | 847 days ago

This is to me and some VERY close friends...

Ask them to walk in our shoes, and they will find sand and rocks and blood and sweat...
Ask them to defend our lands and they will travel thosands of miles from the shores of This great land...
Ask them to guard against all enemies, and watch us stand tall

They didn't ask us.
We just did.
#12 | 847 days ago

My grandfather was in the Army during WWII  and I had a cousin that was in the Marines. Both of them made it back home safe and sound. But to all who have served and continue to serve to protect us and the USA... SALUTE!!!!  My only prayer is that out Government will bring everyone still serving home safe. God Bless them all and God Bless America.

Wonderful poll idea Ed. Thank you. yes
#13 | 847 days ago

I spent 8 years in the good ole U.S.M.C.  and this is the time to honor all our vets both past and present ,and I might add maybe we can remember the important role they have in our freedom the other 364 days ....God bless all our military personel
#14 | 847 days ago

Every year I have gone to put flags on graves at a local cemetery.  My mother and I have done the section where my grandfather is buried.  He did the veterans plot attached there for years, and we both carry that on in his memory.  He served in WWII and passed away in 2001.  He may be gone, but he's never forgotten, and neither are any of our veterans who have gone before us.
#15 | 846 days ago

Much respect to everyone out there supporting myself and all the other troops out there.....HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY.....
#16 | 844 days ago

Happy Memorial Day to everyone.

#17 | 844 days ago

#18 | 841 days ago

I actually walked across the street from where I was staying in Illinois, to the cemetery, and saluted some of the headstones that had the flags to honor veterans.  Thank You!
#19 | 841 days ago

Our "celebration" of our war heroes is on Remembrance Day in November.  I'm not aware of another day in Canada to recognize those who have served.  That doesn't mean I won't remember those who have.  To all those American soldiers who have helped to keep my family and myself safe, thank you.

My uncle served in WWII.  My father was unable to serve, due to a medical issue, the same diagnosis my grandfather had.  The two spent the '40's building homes for returning soldiers.  My grandfather built over 200 homes, all using two basic floor plans.  My dad left school in grade 7 to help my grandfather build those houses and an area of Kamloops approximately six blocks square is made up of the homes they built.  Some of them have been torn down and new homes built.  Some have been added on to.  Some remain basically the same as they were 70 years ago, with only minor improvements (including the house my grandmother lived in until her death).  Not everyone is able to serve their country, but I feel my dad and grandad did what they could to serve their country the best way they knew how.

For every man and woman who has served their country, in any way, I thank you again.

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